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MUFE Eyeshadow Guide - Dark Definition

I stumbled upon this on the Sephora website and loved it.  It's the Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow Guide named "Dark Definition" (page here).  Don't you just love smokey eyes?  And I personally find this incredibly wearable even for day time.  It gives the eyes a nice definition and the dark concentration on the lash line gives lashes a nice full appearance.

I'll have to try this myself some time soon too.

Let's Get Started with Faves!

I'm so excited to have my first faves video up. This first one is gonna be longer than my upcoming ones just because I have a lot of products to show to start with.  I'll either be doing favourites videos either at the end of each month or at the end of every other month depending on how much I switch up my products and how much new stuff I try out.

Anyways, catch you guys later!

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