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Sonia Kashuk Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

A few months back I had the opportunity to see the Sonia Kashuk products in Target and fell in love particularly with the make up cases which has since become my travel train case and video camera case.  I felt the design was spot on perfect for my needs and am so happy to see the latest Fall/Winter designs on the Sonia Kashuk website.

Since Target has recently undergone a complete site redesign and pulled out of Amazon, I am no longer able to provide a link to their site for your easy reference as it seems that Target has blocked access for visitors outside of the US.

Anyways, here are the items that I've had my eye on while browsing SK's website:

Product photo source: SoniaKashuk.com

Jewelmint Picks: September 2011

September is here and so are the latest pieces from Jewelmint.  Here are some pieces that I like this month and I'm happy that the site has begun to figure out my sense of style and recommend pieces that actually appeal to me.

From the looks of it, this month most of the new pieces are inspired by vintage jewelries of the 1920s era.  Interesting pieces of vintage designs with a modern twist.

Savoy Bracelet

The Savoy Bracelet just happened to be my September Top Match and I love it!  It's elegant and bold but still not too overpowering.  I can see it worn casually and as a statement piece for a function.  Either way, it's beautiful!

Pomander Pendant

The Pomander Pendant is a very interesting piece and I love the concept of it.  The pendant is half perforated (top) and half solid (bottom) and held close by a magnetic clasp.  The idea behind it is to place a small scented ball of cotton and the fragrance will make it's way through the tiny holes in the top dome.  Genius!!

Gatsby Bracelet

My last fave piece is this bracelet.  Doesn't it just look like diamonds?  The pattern is quite unique and a girl loves her bling.  I love how it's simple yet dressy at the same time.  As much as I love gold tone jewelry, every now and then, I like to have some silver tone ones on hand too.

Jewelmint is a subscription based service providing personalized jewelry suggestions for US$29.99/month. The subscription gives you 1 credit for use to purchase any one piece of jewelry item from your personalized showroom (or you can add other pieces not in your showroom that were not suggested to you). Additional pieces can also be purchased at US$29.99 each. This service is currently available in the US and US territories only.

Photo source: All product photos were obtained from the Jewelmint website.

New Product: Sleek Makeup Nude Collection

Looks like Sleek has also come out with an au naturel collection aptly named the Nude Collection.  In trend for Fall, the company has launched an eye shadow palette for their iDivine line, a Pout Polish and a Blush.

Photo source: Sleek Makeup Newsletter

The collection available here (or in Superdrug in the UK) is priced as follows:

  • iDivine eye shadow palette in Au Naturel - US$10.50
  • Pout Polish in Bare Minimum - US$6.50
  • Blush in Suede - US$6.50

I don't personally own any of the items in this latest collection I can't personally provide up close product photos or swatches.  However, I do like the idea that the palette offers a nice balance of light and dark shades which I find to be uncommon in most palettes.  Sleek's take on neutrals seems to looks quite flattering I think on a wide range of skin tones (theoretically speaking).  The top row offers some light to medium shades while the bottom row is filled with another 6 eye shadows ranging from medium dark to dark colors.

Suede looks like a nice contour color for light to medium skin tones or to add overall warmth to the face. It looks like an almost neutral shade with a hint of warmth.  I can't tell what kind of finish the blush is though but it would make a great eye contour color as well I believe.

The Bare Minimum Pout Polish might work great as a lip concealer although, I've never tried any of Sleek's Pout Polishes to know the actual texture and consistency.

You've got to admit though, the model in the campaign shot looks amazing using the colors and products from this latest collection.  Just beautiful!

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