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Review: Sigma Dry'N Shape System (vs Brush Guard & Air Drying)

Recently, I blogged about a new product from Sigma called the Dry'N Shape System which basically works to speed up drying your make up brushes after a good deep clean and concurrently shape the bristles to it's original form.

Product Photos

The Dry'N Shape comes beautifully packaged in a classy box

A brief introduction on the back of the box

Also some key features highlighted on the back of the box

The leaflet that came with the product

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  • Smudge Pots
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Upcoming Products: Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool and Precision Sigmax Kit

Looks like Sigma is on a roll without new product launches and sneak peeks at upcoming line ups.  Previously I've posted about their upcoming eye shadow palettes and hopefully I'll be able to get a mini version of the palette(s) during IMATS LA next month (can you sense my excitement?).

Simone and her team has been working on new brushes that would be perfect for applying eye primer, under eye concealer and fit in small areas of the face.  End of last month (April 29th) she tweeted the perfect tools for just that and something that we'll be expecting soon:

Mini versions of the F80, F82 & F84.
The Precision Sigmax Kit (L-R: P82, P84 & P80)
Source: Simone

These new brushes will be using the same Sigmax filament bristles and just like the original Synthetic Face Kit, and would be able to buff in products flawlessly and well blended without streaking.  I would imagine the price point for these to be at about USD9 each (referencing current prices for eye brushes).

New Product: Sigma Dry'N Shape System

Early this year, Simone (Sigma's Owner and Founder) had tweeted about one of Sigma's upcoming products to help dry make up brushes in record time.  After over 3 months, the actual product is finally here and claims to have your brushes completely dry in 4 to 6 hours!

If you own make up brushes, you know that after deep cleaning them, it could take close to forever to get it completely dried and ready to store/use.  For me, I'd clean my brushes at night and let them air dry overnight and wake up to clean dry brushes.  Of course for brushes that dense like the Sigmax HD brushes, getting them completely dry can take longer (i.e. overnight and then some).

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