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New Product: Sigma Dry'N Shape System

Early this year, Simone (Sigma's Owner and Founder) had tweeted about one of Sigma's upcoming products to help dry make up brushes in record time.  After over 3 months, the actual product is finally here and claims to have your brushes completely dry in 4 to 6 hours!

If you own make up brushes, you know that after deep cleaning them, it could take close to forever to get it completely dried and ready to store/use.  For me, I'd clean my brushes at night and let them air dry overnight and wake up to clean dry brushes.  Of course for brushes that dense like the Sigmax HD brushes, getting them completely dry can take longer (i.e. overnight and then some).

Source: Sigma website

Source: Sigma website

Source: Sigma website

The Sigma Dry'N Shape brush drying system is in a brush roll form with magnetic buttons and fits 12 brushes of varying bristle density and handle diameter.  The idea behind this system is to encase the freshly cleaned bristles with enough pressure in a specially engineered elastic fabric that helps accelerate evaporation and at the same time reshapes the bristles nicely.  The slots at the bottom portion of the tool keeps brushes in place while drying and avoids brushes from rolling off the tabletop.


  1. Deep clean brushes with a mild/baby shampoo of your choice or a brush shampoo and squeeze out any excess water.
  2. Slip the brush handle through the elastic and all the way to the slots, ensuring the bristles are fully snug in the elastic slot.  Make sure the fit the brushes into the smallest slot it'll fit in.
  3. Remove the brushes gently from the drying tool after 4 to 6 hours and your brushes should be completely dry and beautifully shaped, ready for your next use.
  • Quicker brush drying time especially for brushes with higher bristle density.
  • Bristles are packed neatly shaping them beautifully as they dry without fraying.
  • Brushes look brand new all the time and lasts longer.


The Dry'N Shape system is sold online for USD29.00.

Simone was kind enough to share part of her experiment while testing the Dry'N Shape system in January 2011:

Test subjects: Sigma F30 & F80
1 set for testing with the Dry'N Shape and another set as the control set
Source: Simone

A control set is used in the experiment for comparison to show how the test affects the results relative to normal/other drying systems.  (In this test I'm not sure but the control set could have been tested with the Brush Guard drying system.)

All 4 brushes are immersed in water so the fibers are able
to absorb water to simulate actual cleansing.
Source: Simone

After 10mins, the brushes are put into contact with absorbent paper
and the diameter of the absorbed water is measured.
Source: Simone

At 0 hour: The water from the F80 is approximately 18cm.
Source: Simone

After 2 hours: No water transfer on the absorbent paper from the F80.
Bristles are humid to touch. (With the Dry'N Shape system)
Source: Simone

After 4 hours: Both the F30 and F80 are completely dried.
(With the Dry'N Shape system)
Source: Simone

After 6 hours: The water absorbed from the F80 measures approximately
7cm. (The control set)
Source: Simone

After 32 hours: Both brushes are still not
completely dry. (The control set)
Source: Simone

I can't wait to get my hands on one of this and will be placing an order for myself soon.  Sigma Beauty ships internationally but personally if you're purchasing outside of the US, I strongly suggest opting for Express International Shipping (it's a bit pricey though) to ensure safe arrival of your orders.

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