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Jeffie Jeff Official Launch

I was fortunate enough to a little while back to be invited to attend the official opening of Jeffie Jeff's outlet at Karamunsing Capital as well as his launch for the Mon Amour line of head pieces and jewelry.   An up and coming designer, Elaina Sukaimi, was also there to showcase her latest creations which was very artistic contemporary in my opinion.  Unfortunately my camera wasn't cooperating with me that night so I'm apologizing in advance for the subpar picture quality.

Anyways, here are the photos from the event:

Sigma SigMax Brushes - Synthetic Face Kit

If you're familiar with the online beauty community, you would have probably heard the rave on the Sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush.  I've been wanting to get this brush for awhile now but put off purchasing one to try out after hearing they'll be coming out with a kit featuring that very brush as well as 2 new ones for that range of brushes.

Soon after the SigMax brushes were introduced on the website, I was sold and bought my own set with much excitement and anticipation.  At the moment, there aren't any brushes in the market that are quite like these brushes.  I've seen similar constructions but none yet with the same ability and bristle density so far.

A week or two later (trust international shipping to take awhile), I picked my package at the PosLaju counter.

Update: The SigMax Synthetic Face Kit is now known as the Synthetic Kabuki Kit which includes a brand new brush and retails for $56.  Read more about the new and improved collection in my post here.

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