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Urban Decay Revamps Their Eyeshadows

The online beauty community has recently become abuzz amidst the early launch of Urban Decay's revamped single eye shadows.  This latest product offering from Urban Decay features 68 shades -- old and new -- in 5 finishes (matte, shimmer, sparkle, satin, duo chrome).  The company has reformulated the eye shadows and have been including them in some of their newer palettes (a test run perhaps?) and are making them available for individual purchase.

Urban Decay is claiming the new set of eye shadows to have a smooth, velvety texture that is densely pigmented.  Colors are going to last longer with crease free wear.

Not only did they developed a new formulation for the eye shadows, but they've also made significant changes to the pot packaging.  The subway token design has been given a more modern look and a pop out feature (de-potting free!).  To complement this latest pop out design, they've also come up with a 6 slot metal palette -- includes the "Walk of Shame" eye shadow and an eye shadow brush.  I believe the palette will be a lot like the Naked 2 palette's design -- metal outer shell, huge mirror in the inner lid and hard plastic inner shell/mould.  During a private event, Urban Decay had given the opportunity to 5 beauty bloggers and YouTubers to select shades from the new line and create 6 pan palettes.

New Product: Sigma Performance Kit

Sigma has come out with a brand new product today and it's the Performance kit.  The latest kit comprises of 8 brand new brushes specifically designed for precise eye product application.

If you enjoy eye make up detailing and more control over product application, this might just be the kit for you!  These brushes have a smaller tip and would be great for those with smaller eye areas.

The Performance kit is priced at US$55 and is eligible for a free gift with purchase.  The 10% off discount code is available in this blog's sidebar.

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