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MyGlam September 2012

MyGlam bags from October onwards are officially under the ipsy umbrella.  The bags will still be called MyGlam bags and are supposedly more customized based on the answers in the on site Beauty Quiz.  Similar to the Birchboxes, I've been receiving them all this while but have not posted photos and my thoughts on them because I'd wanted to film them and all that jazz.  Away from that delusion, I will be having them posted here a little more often.

For my September bag I didn't receive the regular cards that come with it.  I'm not sure if it's because they weren't shipped with the bag or if vsHUB didn't ship them to me.  I received 4 full size products and a deluxe sample.  Not bad so far.

September's bag is a black nylon wristlet with gold plated hardware.  It's definitely one of the bags I received that I like.  The simplicity of the design and material makes it quite wearable for going out.  (Yay!)

Birchbox : September 2012

I haven't posted much about my Birchboxes in a long while.  The reason being not that I don't enjoy receiving them but more so that I was obsessed with filming a video of what I got and supplementing that with a blog post.  Unfortunately that just never happened and box after box came and I never got around to talking about it.  The MyGlam bags (now under ipsy) are the same case and I might just do some catch up posts to tell you what I thought of the products I received.

Moving on, let's see what I received in my September box:

The September box is all about autumn and it comes with a little Fall Lookbook containing tips, trends and tons of product suggestions.  My box contains 1 full size, 1 deluxe sample, 3 samples, 1 lifestyle extra, a 2 song digital download link and a coupon code.

More updates on Sigma's Fall 2012 Products!

Sigma has provided more information on their upcoming products this Fall and I'm excited to share these with you.

// Read the initial post on Sigma's Fall 2012 upcoming products and more photos //

So we finally get to see the packaging and sets for the new Sigma eye shadow bases!  These eye shadow bases are available in 3 sets of 3 to complement each of their existing eye shadow palettes for US$36 per set.  Each set comes with a brush and the colors can be worn as an eye shadow base or on its own, as is or mixed to form new colors.  Sigma has cited the bases to be highly pigmented and long wearing with a blendable formula.  These eye shadow bases are also sold individually for US$13 each.

Note : Color description is based on the photo swatches.  I do not have a sample of these products personally for a more accurate write up.

  • Pose - Taupe with a slight shimmer sheen
  • Persuade - Pale bone beige with a peachy-pink tone and no shimmer
  • Sculpt - Dark charcoal gray (or black)

  • Unveil - Shimmery beige gold
  • Strike - Rosy burgundy
  • Dash - Plummy aubergine

  • Spy - Duo-tone brown and silver
  • Pursue - Warm purple
  • Provoke - Creamy light peach

Urban Decay Releases Book Of Shadows Vol. III Redux

Urban Decay released the Book Of Shadows Vol. III (the NYC palette) some time in 2010.  The palette came with a lit pop up of the many faces of New York City and a drawer of eye make up consisting of 16 eye shadows, 2 deluxe sized 24/7 Eye Liner Pencils and a mini Primer Potion.

Book of Shadows Vol. III (2010)

Yesterday, they released an updated version of the palette named the Book of Shadows Vol. III Redux at a lower price point of US$39 (originally priced at US$54) with 16 eye shadows, an eye liner pencil and a mini Primer Potion.  Once again this is a limited edition palette and according to Urban Decay, it won't be restocked.

Upcoming Products: Sigma Eyeliners, Single Eye Shadows and Base, Brow Powder Duos and Brush Washing Device

Looks like Sigma is spreading its wings into the make up scene even more.  Simone, co-founder of Sigma Beauty, has been posting sneak peeks on Instagram of their upcoming line up.  I could be wrong but the launch is rumored to be slated some time later this year or February next year?

UPDATE : Earlier today (the sneak peek photo has since been taken down) there was a mention of 48 single eye shadow shades and 4 brow duos.  If you're familiar with The Body Shop single eye shadows, the Sigma single eye shadows are packaged in a similar packaging with a bigger pan and more circular shape.  Excited much?

Anyways, if you're familiar with their eye shadow palettes -- Bare, Flare, Dare and Paris -- and you've been interested in some of the shades but could care less for the other colors in the palette, you'd be happy to know that the eye shadows will be released as individual eye shadows in the near future.

Swatches and thoughts of the eye shadows from the first 3 palettes are available here:

  • Bare - Shine, Control, Snoop, Hitch, Act, Command, Elope, Approach
  • Dare - Surrender, Grasp, Chase, Escape, Reveal, Catch, Shout, Vanish
  • Flare - Crush, Oversee, Define, Publicize, Resist, Gossip, Allure, Beware

Review: Benefit they're Real Mascara

Not too long ago Benefit launched they're latest mascara offering, they're Real, which is labelled as beyond mascara because the formula is supposed to be good enough you'll look like you're wearing false eyelashes.  Here's how the product worked for me.

I received a few samples from Sephora when they had these as their VIB 100-point perk in stores.

Let's start with some numbers:

Product images source: Sephora.com

It appears that the smaller tube costs less per ounce compared to the full size tube.  At the moment, Sephora has a special set where you get both sizes at the prize of the full size product which brings the cost per ounce down even more.

Values aside, now let's look deeper into the actual product.

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