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More updates on Sigma's Fall 2012 Products!

Sigma has provided more information on their upcoming products this Fall and I'm excited to share these with you.

// Read the initial post on Sigma's Fall 2012 upcoming products and more photos //

So we finally get to see the packaging and sets for the new Sigma eye shadow bases!  These eye shadow bases are available in 3 sets of 3 to complement each of their existing eye shadow palettes for US$36 per set.  Each set comes with a brush and the colors can be worn as an eye shadow base or on its own, as is or mixed to form new colors.  Sigma has cited the bases to be highly pigmented and long wearing with a blendable formula.  These eye shadow bases are also sold individually for US$13 each.

Note : Color description is based on the photo swatches.  I do not have a sample of these products personally for a more accurate write up.

  • Pose - Taupe with a slight shimmer sheen
  • Persuade - Pale bone beige with a peachy-pink tone and no shimmer
  • Sculpt - Dark charcoal gray (or black)

  • Unveil - Shimmery beige gold
  • Strike - Rosy burgundy
  • Dash - Plummy aubergine

  • Spy - Duo-tone brown and silver
  • Pursue - Warm purple
  • Provoke - Creamy light peach

Looks like not only are the eyebrow powders going to be released as duos, other items in the Brow Expert kit will also be available for individual purchase too:

Would you like a sneak peek at the packaging for the eye shadow singles?  I'll be updating the photo of it here soon!

Photo source: Sigma Affiliate Newsletter

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