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Urban Decay Releases Book Of Shadows Vol. III Redux

Urban Decay released the Book Of Shadows Vol. III (the NYC palette) some time in 2010.  The palette came with a lit pop up of the many faces of New York City and a drawer of eye make up consisting of 16 eye shadows, 2 deluxe sized 24/7 Eye Liner Pencils and a mini Primer Potion.

Book of Shadows Vol. III (2010)

Yesterday, they released an updated version of the palette named the Book of Shadows Vol. III Redux at a lower price point of US$39 (originally priced at US$54) with 16 eye shadows, an eye liner pencil and a mini Primer Potion.  Once again this is a limited edition palette and according to Urban Decay, it won't be restocked.

In addition to the exclusion of the 24/7 Eye Liner Pencil in Ransom in the latest release, Urban Decay has also made some changes to the eye shadows included in this palette.

Book of Shadows Vol. III (2010)Photo source: Temptalia

Below are images of the eye shadows in the 2012 version from the Urban Decay website with close ups:

7 Colors included from the 2010 version:
  • Uzi - Whitish silver with flecks of silver glitter
  • Midnight Cowbow Rides Again - Light pink champagne with silver glitter
  • Last Call - Metallic sugar plum
  • Rockstar - Deep aubergine
  • Haight - Dark teal with shimmer
  • Maui Wowie - Metallic golden beige with silver glitter
  • Smog - Deep coppery bronze

9 New shades introduced in the 2012 version:
  • Oil Slick - Black with silver micro glitter
  • Stray Dog - Cool metallic ash brown
  • Mildew - Mossy green with gold shift
  • SWF - Pale cotton candy pink with silver micro glitter
  • Aquarius - Aqua green with shimmer
  • Goddess - Navy blue with silver shimmer   [ exclusive
  • Sin - Champagne
  • YDK - Bronzed mocha with silver micro glitter
  • Ecstasy - Bright purple with slight pink tint

Most of these colors are available from UD's Vintage Eyeshadows line up while some are from their new Eyeshadow range.  I'm assuming Goddess is a color exclusive to this palette (or a repromote) because I can't find it in either single eye shadow collections or in other palettes (no, it's not in the Vice palette either).

I think it's a nice redo to the palette although I'm not quite sure if it was necessary to make a spin off off an older palette or if they should've just released it as a whole new palette on its own.  The colors in the Redux version is in my opinion a lot more wearable and versatile.  They could've thrown in a couple of matte shades in there as well for balance but that's just me.

Would I be rushing to get this palette?  Unfortunately, no.  I've opted for the Vice palette instead which introduces 20 brand new shades in a sleek package and comes with a double ended eye brush.  I'll be sure to post my thoughts with product photos and swatches once I receive my palette.

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