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Freestyle Palettes

Depotting make up definitely helps to free up space especially if you have a lot of make up.  Product packaging although pretty can really take up a whole lot of storage space.  But what happens once you've depotted?  Empty palettes are only available for certain pan sizes.  What about irregular sized pans (i.e. elf Studio, NARS, HiP, etc)?

Fortunately a number of companies provide a solution to that problem.  Freestyle palettes!

Photo from Z-palette website

Website: http://http://www.zpalette.com/
Free shipping to US & Canada (excluding tax)
Ships internationally (more info)

One of the more popular freestyle palettes are the Z-palettes.  They come in 2 sizes:

  • Large (8" x 4.75" x .44") - $20
  • Small (3.8" x 3.8" x .44") - $14
And it comes in 4 beautiful colors and patterns:
  • Black
  • Fabulous Pink (Light Pink)
  • Zebra
  • Leopard
The palettes feature a clear top so you can see all your products in it and comes with a strong magnet base to hold your pans.  The body is made of durable recycled material and the cover can be folded back completely and stay out of the way while you hold your palette (especially convenient when doing client's make up).

Chances are your depotted pans are not magnetized and for $4.30, you can get a pack of 40 pre-cut square magnet stickers sized at 3/4" x 3/4" x 1/32" each to stick onto the base of your make up pans.  The palettes are also available on ACW.

Photo from Unii website

Unii Cosmetics
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Another popular freestyle palette is the Unii palette.  It measures 3.7" x 6" x .7" (outer dimensions) and 2.8" x 5.4" x .4" (inner dimensions) and comes in several color options:
  • Pomegranate (Red)
  • Twilight (Blue)
  • Lemongrass (Yellow-Green)
  • Eggplant (Purple)
  • Snow (White)
According to the website, each palette comes with:
  • Magnetized palette
  • Adhesive magnet sheet with writable labels
  • Large mirror
  • Movable thumb grip
  • Fold out instruction box
The palette is also lined with a rubber strip to help prevent any leaks and coupled with the plastic closure clasp, you can be sure the palette won't accidentally open up when you're on the go.  The palette is priced at $29 each, $56 for two and $27 each if you purchase 3 or more.

Photo from SMH website

Stars Makeup Haven
Ships internationally (more info)

This is a new product offered by Stars Makeup Haven (SMH) in addition to their empty palette options.  The palette comes in 2 sizes:
  • Large (8.75" x 6") $19 - same size as their 28 Eyeshadow and 8 Blush Pan Palettes
  • Small (6" x 3.75") $14 - same size as their 15 Eyeshadow Pan Palette
The large palette is said to be able to fit up to 50 MAC sized eyeshadow pans.  I'm not too sure how many will fit in the smaller palette but I definitely intend to get a couple of the small ones for my to be depotted elf Studio products in2it cream blushes.

The palette is made of the same all black plastic case as their other palettes and a strong magnet base.  The website also offers 3/4" round magnet stickers for $3.95 (set of 6), $6.95 (set of 15), $8.50 (set of 25) and $18.95 (set of 100).

Photo from TKB Trading website.

TKB Trading
Ships internationally (more info)

TKB's freestyle palette is one of the lesser known palettes out there but I've heard good reviews of the product.  It comes in only one color (matte black) and size measuring 3.5" x 3.5" x 0.5" and is magnetized not only at the base but all around the sides as well.  Similar to the Z-palette, this TKB offering also comes with a clear lid so you'll be able to see what's in your palette.

The palette typically fits 9 MAC eye shadow sized (26mm) pans and if you're depotting Urban Decay's Book Of Shadows, it fits all the eye shadows snugly.  At the time of this post, the palette is on sale at $4.50 (RRP: $12) each and $300 (bulk - 100 units).

Logo from Yaby Cosmetics website.

Ships internationally (more info)

Yaby palettes are becoming increasingly known due to their highly pigmented make up products and flexible palette sets.  They currently offer a choice of 6 different palette layouts:
  • 6 wells for 36.4mm pans - $15.75
  • 8 wells for 30mm pans - $15.75
  • 20 wells for 20mm pans - $15.75
  • 40 wells for 15.5mm pans - $17.75
  • 21 wells set palette for 15.5mm (x10), 20mm (x4), 30mm (x2), 36.4mm (x2) & 3 rectangular pans - $15.75
  • freestyle palette - $17.50
All the palettes comes in a standard 14.4cm (5.75") x 10.8cm (4.25") white body and a mirror polished stainless steel sheet on the inside of the top cover for mixing products as well.

Which freestyle palettes have you tried?  What are your thoughts on them?  I'd love to read your feedback.


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