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New Product: theBalm Meet Matt(e) Palette

Talk about coincidence.  A few days ago I posted about neutral palettes and lo and behold, I received the latest theBalm mailer announcing their latest palette which just so happens to have some of the most beautiful neutral shades.  I'm personally very excited to get my hands on this palette simply because it's all matte shades!

Photo source: theBalm website

Not all matte eye shadows are created equal and I'm crossing my fingers these offerings from theBalm would live up to my expectations and not end up being a powdery, chalky mess.  From my experience with their other eye shadows, theBalm eye shadows are generally beautifully pigmented, smooth, creamy, easy to blend and long lasting.

Similar to their Shady Lady palettes, this palette comes with 9 eye shadows and a bonus dual ended brush.  The packaging seems to be the familiar durable hard cardboard with in built mirror theBalm is quite known for.  I feel like this would definitely be perfect for everyday make up to define and highlight your peepers.  Depending on your hair color, it looks like you might also use some of the shades to fill in your brows too.

The colors (based on the product image):

  • Matt Smith - A bamboo beige
  • Matt Gallagher - A light to mid tone wheat brown
  • Matt Ramirez - A light milk chocolate brown
  • Matt McDonald - A warm medium grey
  • Matt Horowitz - A steel blue grey
  • Matt Chung - A baby petal pink
  • Matt Batali - A warm medium to dark brown
  • Matt Schilling - A cool teal base grey
  • Matt Patel - A light to mid tone ash brown

I find theBalm to be an interesting brand.  Their packaging concept tends to be a little similar to Benefit but at a much less hefty price tag.  Quality wise, I've been impressed so far too.  It does however seem a little odd to be carrying around a make up product with a guy's smiling face on the lid.  Humor factor?  Haha.

The palette is 9.5g (a tad smaller than the 17g Shady Lady palettes) and retails at US$34.50 (US$5 less than Shady Lady palettes).  At the moment the product has just debuted on the theBalm website but can be expected to appear in stores soon.  I anticipate this to be priced at around RM105 when it reach our shores in Sasa outlets.


  1. i bought this from marshalls for $17. its a smaller palette but i find the eyeshadows to be of really good quality. tj maxx also carries thebalm products at discounted prices.

  2. That's awesome. :) I didn't know TJ Maxx had TheBalm products as well. I didn't find any when I was visiting the States. But I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls! I need to go back and check them out again.

  3. Yes! Just picked this up at TJ Maxx for $16.99! Can't wait to try it out!


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