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New Product: Sigma Brush Cup Holder

Not to long ago Sigma came out with the Make Me Up collection and a lot of people were excited with the brush cup holder packaging the brushes came in.  Click here for a link to my previous post on the collection.

Now that Sigma owner, Simone, has announced that the they'll be doing away with the brush roll, here comes its little sister, the Brush Cup Holder in its place for the same price of US$20.

Photo courtesy: Sigma

At the moment the product is available only in the classic black but I wouldn't be too surprise if they release the other colors for individual purchase as well.  These oval cylinders consists of 2 parts and snap together to protect your brushes.  Have them placed separately on your vanity/table top as brush cup holders (hence the name) or snap them on to take them on the go.  When you're travelling you can place you clean brushes in one cup and used ones in the other getting them ready for cleaning.

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