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Sigma Make Me Up Collection

Sigma has come up with yet another great product to usher in the new year.  If you haven't gotten their Complete Kit yet and you love a lil bit of color, then this new addition to the Sigma family might just be up your alley:

Image from Sigma Makeup website.

What Is Included

  • E65 Small Angle brush
  • E70 Medium Angled Shading brush
  • E60 Large Shader brush
  • E30 Pencil brush
  • F40 Large Angled Contour brush
  • F30 Large Powder brush
  • F50 Duo Fibre brush
  • F60 Foundation brush
  • F70 Concealer brush
  • E40 Tapered Blending brush
  • E55 Eye Shading brush
  • E05 Eyeliner brush
  • Cylinder brush case/holder
Available Colors

Images from Sigma Makeup website
  • Black (Make Me Classy)
  • Coral (Make Me Blush)
  • Purple (Make Me Crazy)
  • Teal (Make Me Cool)
Image from Sigma Makeup website


These kits contains the same brushes as the original 12 brushes Complete Kit (that comes with and without a brush roll) but with a twist.  Of course you can still opt for the classic black handled brushes with chrome ferule that also comes with the very chic black brush case/holder, but there are also 3 other fun new colors to choose from now.  The colored brushes are at this moment exclusive to this collection and aren't sold separately and comes with matching brush cases/holders respectively.  Having used Sigma brushes for the past year, I'm quite confident the quality of these brushes will be equally good if not better considering the company are constantly listening to customer feedback and improving their products.

I love the hard cylinder case because it looks to be quite compact and easy to travel with while protecting your brushes at the same time.  Sigma definitely did an amazing job with this kit giving the everyday make up brush user the convenience of having a set of quality basic set of brushes to use at home as well as snap close and throw in their bags for travelling.  In fact since the case also doubles up as a brush holder (as pictured above), there's no need to have to go out and look for brush storage (at home) and eliminates the problem of having your brushes all over the place (when travelling).  When you're not using your brushes, just snap the top part on and your brushes are instantly protected from dust too!


USD $99.00 each + a free travel size E25*
Click here for a free gift with your purchase!

* Subject to current promotion on website


  1. I am absolutely in love with this new collection but is debating between buying the classic black one or the fun colors one. I have heard many wonderful things about sigma brushes, but never had the opportunity to try them myself. Do you think I should go with the black or colored ones? O and this is my very first time buying makeup brushes just so you know!

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I personally love black handled brushes but with this collection, I feel that if you have a fave color amongst those available, definitely go for it. Personally, I like the purple and teal. The light colored cases (coral & teal) might get stained easier than darker ones (black & purple) though

    I've been using a lot of Sigma brushes and absolutely love them. This kit in particular is great because it has a good selection of face & eyes brushes for a complete look and from my experience, these are good quality brushes. If you happen to experience defects with your brushes, also feel free to contact Sigma customer service and they'll help you out. What I love about Sigma other than their wonderful brushes is the people behind it.

    Hope that helped you and thanks for reading my blog. :)


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