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MyGlam September 2012

MyGlam bags from October onwards are officially under the ipsy umbrella.  The bags will still be called MyGlam bags and are supposedly more customized based on the answers in the on site Beauty Quiz.  Similar to the Birchboxes, I've been receiving them all this while but have not posted photos and my thoughts on them because I'd wanted to film them and all that jazz.  Away from that delusion, I will be having them posted here a little more often.

For my September bag I didn't receive the regular cards that come with it.  I'm not sure if it's because they weren't shipped with the bag or if vsHUB didn't ship them to me.  I received 4 full size products and a deluxe sample.  Not bad so far.

September's bag is a black nylon wristlet with gold plated hardware.  It's definitely one of the bags I received that I like.  The simplicity of the design and material makes it quite wearable for going out.  (Yay!)

Birchbox : September 2012

I haven't posted much about my Birchboxes in a long while.  The reason being not that I don't enjoy receiving them but more so that I was obsessed with filming a video of what I got and supplementing that with a blog post.  Unfortunately that just never happened and box after box came and I never got around to talking about it.  The MyGlam bags (now under ipsy) are the same case and I might just do some catch up posts to tell you what I thought of the products I received.

Moving on, let's see what I received in my September box:

The September box is all about autumn and it comes with a little Fall Lookbook containing tips, trends and tons of product suggestions.  My box contains 1 full size, 1 deluxe sample, 3 samples, 1 lifestyle extra, a 2 song digital download link and a coupon code.

More updates on Sigma's Fall 2012 Products!

Sigma has provided more information on their upcoming products this Fall and I'm excited to share these with you.

// Read the initial post on Sigma's Fall 2012 upcoming products and more photos //

So we finally get to see the packaging and sets for the new Sigma eye shadow bases!  These eye shadow bases are available in 3 sets of 3 to complement each of their existing eye shadow palettes for US$36 per set.  Each set comes with a brush and the colors can be worn as an eye shadow base or on its own, as is or mixed to form new colors.  Sigma has cited the bases to be highly pigmented and long wearing with a blendable formula.  These eye shadow bases are also sold individually for US$13 each.

Note : Color description is based on the photo swatches.  I do not have a sample of these products personally for a more accurate write up.

  • Pose - Taupe with a slight shimmer sheen
  • Persuade - Pale bone beige with a peachy-pink tone and no shimmer
  • Sculpt - Dark charcoal gray (or black)

  • Unveil - Shimmery beige gold
  • Strike - Rosy burgundy
  • Dash - Plummy aubergine

  • Spy - Duo-tone brown and silver
  • Pursue - Warm purple
  • Provoke - Creamy light peach

Urban Decay Releases Book Of Shadows Vol. III Redux

Urban Decay released the Book Of Shadows Vol. III (the NYC palette) some time in 2010.  The palette came with a lit pop up of the many faces of New York City and a drawer of eye make up consisting of 16 eye shadows, 2 deluxe sized 24/7 Eye Liner Pencils and a mini Primer Potion.

Book of Shadows Vol. III (2010)

Yesterday, they released an updated version of the palette named the Book of Shadows Vol. III Redux at a lower price point of US$39 (originally priced at US$54) with 16 eye shadows, an eye liner pencil and a mini Primer Potion.  Once again this is a limited edition palette and according to Urban Decay, it won't be restocked.

Upcoming Products: Sigma Eyeliners, Single Eye Shadows and Base, Brow Powder Duos and Brush Washing Device

Looks like Sigma is spreading its wings into the make up scene even more.  Simone, co-founder of Sigma Beauty, has been posting sneak peeks on Instagram of their upcoming line up.  I could be wrong but the launch is rumored to be slated some time later this year or February next year?

UPDATE : Earlier today (the sneak peek photo has since been taken down) there was a mention of 48 single eye shadow shades and 4 brow duos.  If you're familiar with The Body Shop single eye shadows, the Sigma single eye shadows are packaged in a similar packaging with a bigger pan and more circular shape.  Excited much?

Anyways, if you're familiar with their eye shadow palettes -- Bare, Flare, Dare and Paris -- and you've been interested in some of the shades but could care less for the other colors in the palette, you'd be happy to know that the eye shadows will be released as individual eye shadows in the near future.

Swatches and thoughts of the eye shadows from the first 3 palettes are available here:

  • Bare - Shine, Control, Snoop, Hitch, Act, Command, Elope, Approach
  • Dare - Surrender, Grasp, Chase, Escape, Reveal, Catch, Shout, Vanish
  • Flare - Crush, Oversee, Define, Publicize, Resist, Gossip, Allure, Beware

Review: Benefit they're Real Mascara

Not too long ago Benefit launched they're latest mascara offering, they're Real, which is labelled as beyond mascara because the formula is supposed to be good enough you'll look like you're wearing false eyelashes.  Here's how the product worked for me.

I received a few samples from Sephora when they had these as their VIB 100-point perk in stores.

Let's start with some numbers:

Product images source: Sephora.com

It appears that the smaller tube costs less per ounce compared to the full size tube.  At the moment, Sephora has a special set where you get both sizes at the prize of the full size product which brings the cost per ounce down even more.

Values aside, now let's look deeper into the actual product.

New Product: Sigma Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit

Sigma has recently revealed that they are currently working on a series of kits to help just about anyone perfect their make up skills with sets containing essential and one of a kind tools and products for specific parts of their make up routine.  They are aiming to provide everyone with several different kits targeted at different parts to create that flawless result.

First out from the collection is the Brow Design Kit which contains a 15 piece set of tools and make up products for everything brows:

New Products from stila for Fall 2012

stila is going into fall with neutral shades this year.  The new additions include a new foundation-concealer combo, a matte eye shadow palette, white eye liners, 2 lip glaze trio and 4 new lip glaze shades.

Shades of Skin: My Foundation and Concealer Colors

As I try new products, my foundation and concealer (well, mainly foundation as I don't go through concealers all that much) collection expands and inspired by a blog I stumbled upon recently, I thought why not list them out in a post and update it accordingly as I try new foundations and concealers?

This could also help work as a guide when comparing shades and as a reference in related to other products as I feature/review them on this blog.  Bear in mind that some of these products might not match my skin tone and I will try my best to put a remark at the end of the product name for those that I do remember and update accordingly as I use the products more.  Also, some of the products that I have are in sample/travel/mini versions and not full size or just products that I've tried previously.

Last updated: 23 July 2012

[L] - Liquid, [C] - Cream, [P] - Powder, [M] - Mineral, [T] - Tinted Moisturizer, [B] - BB Cream, [G] - Gel

New Products in July from Sigma

I always get excited when companies release new products.  In July, Sigma adds 3 more products to their expanding line of products.

Recently on July 11, Sigma introduced 2 new brushes added to their Sigmax line, the F88 Flat Angled Kabuki and it's mini twin P88 Precision Flat Angled.  Both brushes are available for purchase individually or as part of the updated 10 brush Synthetic Essential Kit.  The brushes will also be included in the updated Synthetic Kabuki and Synthetic Precision Kits respectively.

Review: real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set

When I was in LA last year, one of my besties asked me to get her some real Techniques brushes from ULTA.  She was a big fan of the Pixiwoo sisters and this was Sam's brush collection.  I wasn't even aware of the brushes til then and I couldn't resist trying them out for myself.

This is going to be a review of the real Techniques Core Collection Set that comes with 4 brushes and a convertible case/holder.  The brushes are only available via the set and are not sold individually.

All of the real Techniques brushes are fashioned with a long aluminium ferule and a black rubber-like base.  Their brushes are also color coded and the orange ferrules of the core collection focuses on a flawless base.  The brushes are made with Taklon fibers which are super soft and plush synthetic bristles.  The ferrules are imprinted with the real Techniques by Samantha Chapman name on one side and the brush name on the other for easy reference.

Case - closed for packing and travelling

Case - opened and laid flat

Case - folded back in half to work as a brush stand

The case is made of black nylon material with a velcro closure and folds like a pocket book.  On the inside, the brushes are held to the case with an elastic ribbon conveniently sewn to the case to fit the 4 brushes on one side while still having room for more storage on the other.  The top part of the case folds back and tightened with a toggle at the end of a string to form a stand.


Top to Bottom: Contour Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush,
Detailer Brush, Buffing Brush

Make Up Basics: Eye Primer and Base

For this next post for the Make Up Basics series, let's dig into eye primers and bases.


Make Up and Beauty Bloggers/Gurus at IMATS LA

I've missed blogging and it seems that my last post was 3 months or so ago.  I'd like to start this post off with an apology for my lack of posts.  This year has been rather hectic and I'm going to make an extra effort to get back to more frequent posts and as promised in my last update video, more content and giveaways too (get excited!).

I was in LA for a few days for some shopping and IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) last month and it was so much fun.  I felt this year had a lot more interesting exhibitors compared to last year (my first IMATS in 2011!) and the crowd wasn't as crazy either despite tickets selling out.  Not only were there great promotions and discounts, I got to meet a lot of my fave beauty bloggers/gurus as well.  I missed out on some though (Jen aka From Head To Toe, AndreasChoice and Promise) but it's OK.  I didn't get that many things at the show but I did pick up some items that I felt I really wanted.  I'll do a separate IMATS haul post soon.

This year I chose to only go on Saturday but spent the whole day there from before the show started til 5pm.  Be forewarned though, this is going to be a picture heavy post.

Welcome to IMATS LA 2012
" The Wristband Counters "

Early birds in line to get their wristbands

Me, in line.

OOTD: Cardigan - UNIQLO, Top - Cotton On, Jeggings - Ms READ,
Shoes - Vincci, Bag - LV

IMATS LA 2012 Wristband

Wristband - Check! Now we wait for them to
open the doors for the day.

Urban Decay Revamps Their Eyeshadows

The online beauty community has recently become abuzz amidst the early launch of Urban Decay's revamped single eye shadows.  This latest product offering from Urban Decay features 68 shades -- old and new -- in 5 finishes (matte, shimmer, sparkle, satin, duo chrome).  The company has reformulated the eye shadows and have been including them in some of their newer palettes (a test run perhaps?) and are making them available for individual purchase.

Urban Decay is claiming the new set of eye shadows to have a smooth, velvety texture that is densely pigmented.  Colors are going to last longer with crease free wear.

Not only did they developed a new formulation for the eye shadows, but they've also made significant changes to the pot packaging.  The subway token design has been given a more modern look and a pop out feature (de-potting free!).  To complement this latest pop out design, they've also come up with a 6 slot metal palette -- includes the "Walk of Shame" eye shadow and an eye shadow brush.  I believe the palette will be a lot like the Naked 2 palette's design -- metal outer shell, huge mirror in the inner lid and hard plastic inner shell/mould.  During a private event, Urban Decay had given the opportunity to 5 beauty bloggers and YouTubers to select shades from the new line and create 6 pan palettes.

New Product: Sigma Performance Kit

Sigma has come out with a brand new product today and it's the Performance kit.  The latest kit comprises of 8 brand new brushes specifically designed for precise eye product application.

If you enjoy eye make up detailing and more control over product application, this might just be the kit for you!  These brushes have a smaller tip and would be great for those with smaller eye areas.

The Performance kit is priced at US$55 and is eligible for a free gift with purchase.  The 10% off discount code is available in this blog's sidebar.

Birchbox Teams With Teen Vogue

As I was reading my Twitter timeline, I saw a tweet by Teen Vogue and they mentioned Birchbox.  Curious, I clicked on the link and was excited to see that Birchbox and Teen Vogue has teamed together to come out with a spring inspired box with products selected by Teen Vogue Editor, Eva Chen.

From the site, it looks like the boxes will be limited and you can reserve your box (subject to certain conditions?) by entering your email address on the site.

The box will contain not only samples but tutorials and tips as well.  I think there will also be corresponding features posts up on the Teen Vogue website next month to complement the box.

Click on the image above to be transported to the site and reserve your box while stocks last.

Battle of the Lash Curlers: Shu Uemura vs Urban Decay

Here's a post I've been wanting to write about for awhile.  A comparison between the cult favorite Shu Uemura eye lash curler and the significantly different Urban Decay The Revolution.  The Urban Decay curler is no longer available for purchase (previously priced at US$20) at the moment but I figured I'll give my opinion on the products anyways.

The Curl

Left: Shu UemuraRight: Urban Decay
(Both eyes without mascara)

Click image to enlarge

Sigma Palettes Repackaged!

Mid last year Sigma came out with 3 eyeshadow palettes -- Flare, Bare and Dare.

Admittedly I found the packaging to be quite bulky before and am happy to share that the palettes have been repackaged and are now significantly slimmer!

Photo source: SigmaBeauty.com

The thickness is down by about 50% (woo hoo!) and should be of similar size to the famous Urban Decay Naked Palette.  This new thickness makes the palettes much more portable and won't take up unnecessary space.

Birchbox & Glam Bag: December 2011

My latest package arrived and it came with more goodies (of course).  If you're wondering why my Birchbox and Glam Bag are here a month late, it's because it takes awhile to get it shipped to me here.  Nonetheless, I'm always excited to see what I've received!

Birchbox | Frolic & Fancy
December 2011

For the past holiday season, Birchbox had teamed with Baby Buggy, a non-profit organization that supplies needy families in the US with essential goods for their children.  100% of profit from full size sales was donated to the organization on top of a generous US$25,000.

Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Mineral Veil To Go

Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Mineral Veil has been a popular finishing powder in the beauty world especially amongst mineral make up lovers.  Since the original version is in loose powder form, it can be a tad of a hassle for on the go application.  With that in mind, Bare Escentuals are offering 2 options for their fans.

The original Mineral Veil loose powders come in 0.3oz and 0.21oz (with SPF) respectively and priced at US$20 each.  The Mineral Veil without SPF is available in 4 variations -- Illuminating, Hydrating, Regular and Tinted which can be used to refill the Buffing Brush to easily throw in your purse for easy access while you're on the move.  If you prefer compacts, the latter option should entice you.

In terms of price to product value, both options above are considerably more expensive than the full size product possibly due to packaging variations.  However, between the two products, the Buffing Brush has 60% more product per US$ compared to it's compact alternative.

Both products are available at Bare Escentuals retailers.

Product photo source: Sephora.com

Sampling with Birchbox

Happy New Year everyone!  I posted a video at the beginning of last month to update on what's coming up this year and yes, I am super excited with this new chapter of Beauty Moments.  Not only will there be more posts, stay tuned for complementing videos as well as tons of giveaways.

I'm sure a lot of you (if not all) are familiar with Birchbox.  There's been so much hype going on about this service in the past year and the concept of it is quite appealing.  Each box shipped out every month contains 4-5 deluxe samples (and sometimes full size products too!) at a monthly subscription fee of US$10 or you can opt for a yearly subscription of US$110.

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