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Birchbox & Glam Bag: December 2011

My latest package arrived and it came with more goodies (of course).  If you're wondering why my Birchbox and Glam Bag are here a month late, it's because it takes awhile to get it shipped to me here.  Nonetheless, I'm always excited to see what I've received!

Birchbox | Frolic & Fancy
December 2011

For the past holiday season, Birchbox had teamed with Baby Buggy, a non-profit organization that supplies needy families in the US with essential goods for their children.  100% of profit from full size sales was donated to the organization on top of a generous US$25,000.

In line with the holiday theme, the samples came wrapped in shimmery white tissue.  Pretty as always.

  • Harvey Prince | Ageless Pink Grapefruit perfume (It doesn't say how much product is in the sample but estimating from the size of the vial, I'd say 2.5ml)
    • 5% (of 50ml) or 2.5% (of 100ml) of the full size product
    • Value: US$2.75 (based on 50ml) or US$2.45 (based on 100ml)

December 2011 box value:
US$20.83 (min.)

I am happy to receive the POREfessional sample considering I was just thinking of looking for another sample of this wonderful product for travelling.  For me, it works wonderfully in reducing the appearance of enlarged pores and it can be use before or after make up.  Sometimes I like to wear it on it's own sans make up too.  I've heard nice things about the Jouer gloss and am excited to give it a try.  That bright pink would look nice over NYX Matte Lipstick in Summer Breeze.  As for the perfume, Ageless, it reminds me of Philosophy's Summer Grace.  I'm not sure but it might share similar notes.  The 2 bonus samples are actually quite practical too.

Save for the POREfessional and JOUER samples, I wasn't too excited with the December box.  I've been seeing some January box videos and it's looking promising.  I wonder which products I'll be receiving.

Glam Bag | December 2011

Soon after finding out about MyGlam, I didn't even think twice about signing up.  I suppose mostly since I can't help but support Michelle Phan and that the stylists were all YouTube beauty gurus I follow.  A sneak peak at the contents of the bag helped too.

The bag itself is cute and perfect for toting a touch up kit in your purse/bag.  I can't wait to see the other designs in the upcoming months (yes, I couldn't resist a full year subscription).

MyGlam December Launch Glam Bag value:

Not only does the bag come with full size and deluxe samples of products, it also came with discount codes!  Unfortunately, these codes won't do much good for me due to logistics.  Haha.

I'm incredibly excited about the Glam Bags and loving how much value for money these products are.  Each bag is only US$10/month or US$110/year.  If you can't subscribe for the bag yet (they're working on shipping internationally but for the moment shipping is only available in the US), sign up and join the MyGlam beauty communities and be a Glammie.  The community membership is free.

I already use 4 out of the 6 products in this bag and are definitely some of my favorite products too.  I had gotten the Tarte mascara from a Sephora Lash Stash set and I love how full they make my lashes look (and natural looking too!).  The one in the bag is the regular version while I normally use the waterproof version (and bought the full size recently as well which goes to show how much I love it).  Great separation, no clumping and no smudging.  Urban Decay's Sin eyeshadow is part of the original Naked palette and is a pretty highlight or lid color.  I think it's one of those shades that works with a variety of skin tones.  While the UDPP isn't at the top of my list of fave eyeshadow primers, it is a pretty good product and loved by a host of beauty junkies all around the world.  One of my absolute fave lip products is the Soft Matte Lip Cream.  The texture is just different from any other lip product out there and the finish is beautiful.  I do suggest prepping lips with a balm prior if you tend to have dry lips.  If you're not into matte finishes, just top it up with a gloss.  Another thing I love about it is the scent.  It smells like vanilla or cupcake which are some of my fave things.  Yummy!

I've seen Mai Couture products used in JulieG's videos before and the concept is interesting.  I'm super happy to get the full size blotting paper with salicylic acid.  With our humid climate here in Malaysia, this would work well for me even though my skin isn't particularly oily (just that I sweat a bit).  The blush papier is an excellent product for girls on the move a lot.  It's compact, mess free, quick and perfect for touch ups or on the go make up application.

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