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Tarina Tarantino Fashion Collection Make Up at Sephora

As I was browsing through the Sephora website, I stumbled upon the cutest sets and thought I'd share them with you.

It appears that Tarina Tarantino has an exclusive collection for Sephora (US) called the Fashion Collection featuring 5 different color sets:

Each set adorns a different set of graphic on its packaging in correspondence to the set name and inspiration.  If you're a fan of Tarina's make up line or if you love cute make up collections, these are priced at US$5 (gloss and eye dream eye shadow) and US$10 (lip gloss ring) per item.

On a side note, I won't be around for a week during this Raya (Eid Il-Fitr) festivities and would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims a blessed Raya/Eid.  I'll be back with more posts soon.  Til then, feel free to browse past posts and if you have any requests or suggestions, email them to me at elixelle@gmail.com.

Watsons Malaysia VIP Card 1st Anniversary Celebration

Watsons Malaysia is celebrating its 1st Anniversary of their VIP Card.  Party with Amber Chia, Julie Woon, Scha Alyahya, Mizz Nina, Joey G and more at Zouk Club, KL on Saturday 10th September 2011 from 6.00 to 10.00pm for free.  Just RSVP your Name, Watsons VIP Card Number, Email and Contact Number to membership@watsons.com.my to join in the fun.

- Click image to enlarge -

There'll be surprises, chances to win a shopping spree as well as goodie bags for early birds.  I won't be able to go since I'm not going to be in KL at the time but wishing everyone who is going a fabulous time! *smiles*

Free Sample: Burberry Body EDP

Burberry is launching its new fragrance for women, Burberry Body this September (less than 10 days left!) and in conjunction with this new release Burberry is giving away free samples via their Facebook page at this very moment.  The new scent is modelled by Transformers 3 star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and comes in 2 variations -- Eau De Parfum Intense and Eau De Parfum.  Eau De Parfum Intense is offered in 2 sizes (85ml & 60ml) while Eau De Parfum comes in an additional 30ml bottle as well.

The samples are available on a first come first serve basis and limited to one sample per account.  I found this to be super exciting because it is not just available in the US and/or the UK but in many other countries as well including Malaysia.  As of yet, the fragrance notes have not been revealed but Burberry is describing their latest scent as sensual and feminine.  I'm looking forward to trying this out since I already love their Burberry Brit and Burberry Brit Sheer which I felt is very true to the Burberry brand.

Photo source: Burberry Facebook Page

All you have to do is:

  • Log into your Facebook account
  • Like the Burberry page (click on the image above to be transported)
  • Click on "Burberry Body" in the sidebar
  • Click on the "Request Sample" button (as illustrated in the image above)
  • Select your country from the drop down list
  • Fill in your details and submit
  • Don't forget to share this info with your family and friends on Facebook too!

Happy sampling everyone!

Summary: Sigma Eye Shadow Palettes - Product Photos, Swatches, Review and Looks

Here's a recap of all three Sigma Eye Shadow Palettes:

- Click on image for full post -

The Flare palette is a beautiful set with peacock inspired shades of green and purple and a fun palette to have.  The E55 is good to pat on color while the E40 is a good blending option for those with bigger lid space.  Create a fun contrasting look to smokey eyes or try out the eco-inspired look I created to test the palette.  Available here for US$35 (excluding shipping).

- Click on image for full post -

When it came to the Dare palette I felt that the colors wasn't as bold as I had imagine and instead was greeted with quite wearable shades.  Not my preferred palette per se but it reminds me of fall.  My favorite colors are Surrender, Grasp, Reveal and Catch which are the same eye shadows used to create the looks in the Dare palette feature.  I wasn't quite as excited about the brush included in the palette and would have preferred an E55 and E25 double ended brush instead.  Available here for US$35 (excluding shipping).

- Click on image for full post -

I'd initially thought the Bare palette would have been a fine contender to the cult favorite Urban Decay Naked Palette but it isn't quite there.  I can see this working for a wide range of skin tones and for neutral lovers out there.  The palette didn't stir much excitement for me although if you are seeking a nice earthy palette that has less shimmer or satin finishes, this might be up your alley.  I love the brush that came in this palette the most of the 3 palettes and made a look inspired by Christina Aguilera's make up from the show The Voice.  Available here for US$35 (excluding shipping).

Sigma Bare Palette

Last but not least from the latest Sigma eyeshadow palettes is Bare.

Sigma Bare Palette (Sleeve and Palette)

Sigma Bare Palette (Opened)

Bare is the neutral palette of the three and comes with the E30 (pencil brush) and E25 (blending) double ended brush.  I'm actually glad that this palette came with these brushes as I find them to be excellent for a good variation of looks.

Selena Gomez - Love You Like A Love Song Music Video Inspired Look #1

I, I love you like a love song baby
I, I love you like a love song baby
I keep on hitting repeat-peat-peat-peat-peat...

I was in love with almost all the looks in Selena Gomez's music video for her song Love You Like A Love Song I had to at least try to recreate them.  This first look is inspired by her make up in the karaoke bar scenes.

I decided to play around with some colors that I have and work with my own eye shape and have come out with two variations of the inspired look -- a day and night look.

Online Shopping: All Cosmetics Wholesale

Online shopping isn't such a big market in Malaysia yet as far as I can tell.  We're still used to conventional shopping methods and at the same time, the amount of retailers and companies offering an online store is small especially when compared to more developed markets like the US and UK.  At most, the online shopping experience here is geared more towards blogshops and the likes.

There are still a lot of brands out there that are not readily available in Malaysia (and most other countries as well) but offer products that we'd like to purchase nonetheless.  In this series, I'll be featuring websites that ship internationally or at least accepts international credit cards and/or PayPal accounts.

For the first online store in this series, I'm featuring All Cosmetics Wholesale or ACW:

- Click on image to go to ACW -

I've personally made several purchases through this website and have enjoyed their services and products sold on their site.


  • Authentic drugstore to high end brand cosmetics and tools at discounted and below retail prices
  • Discontinued/phased out products at lower prices
  • Rare limited edition MAC products (prices are marked up based on how rare the product is)
  • Authorized reseller of brands such as Red Cherry Lashes, Kryolan, Me Me Me, Michael Todd, Paula Dorf, Lime Crime, 100% Pure, Lola, Stars Makeup Haven, Z-Palette and OCC

MAC Cinematic Collection: Reel Drama (Mini Haul)

The MAC Cine-Matics Collection recently launched here featuring their lip, eye and brush sets.  I wasn't planning on getting anything but I did end up buying a set which I'm sharing with you here.

The Reel Drama Lip Bag set (RM165, available at all MAC counters in Malaysia) includes a zippered make up bag, a lipstick, a lip liner pencil and a gloss.  There were 4 sets to choose from and product photos and swatches of the those as well as the other items in the collection are available at KarlaSugar.net.

Polly Dolly v2: Masquerade (Week 19)

This week's theme is pretty cool. How would you dress up for a masquerade ball?

At first I wanted to work my look around a pair of these gorgeous Gucci heels I saw on the Polyvore home page but once I saw this beautiful elegant ombre gown, I could help but have the look surround the dress instead.

I paired the gown with an intricate venetian mask, a pair of understated jewel earrings, a jewel and lattice statement cocktail ring and a pair of glittery brown heels.

For make up, I didn't want to much going on since the mask is already such a statement piece and decided on a black smokey eye with lush lashes paired with a light orange tone lipstick. To complete the look, I added a dark wine nail polish as well. A spritz of a sexy fragrance and we're all set to go.

Make Up Basics: Powder

Face powders are good to have in your collection for a myriad of reasons.  Apart from powder foundations, there are other types of powder products for the face used in make up application.


Loose powder simply means that the product is in a loose form typically packaged in sifter jars.  The texture is silky soft and usually has little to no color.  Face products in this form are most commonly found to be used as a setting powder and ensure the staying power of liquid and cream foundations as well as tinted moisturizers.  Some BB creams also require a dust of loose powder to make sure it doesn't appear greasy throughout the day or slide off.

  • Translucent - There are generally 2 tints of color for translucent loose powder and that is in white and a pale skin tone color.  Although translucent powders should be invisible on skin when applied, white powders can appear ashy or leave a white cast on medium/dark to deep skin tones.
  • Beige/Skin Tone - You can also find loose powder that are not translucent but tinted.  These are great for setting your foundation or tinted moisturizer and gives a more natural finish.  Depending on the ingredients in the powder, it can also provide a glowy finish.

Polly Dolly v2: Hippie (Week 18)

It's been awhile since my last Polly Dolly set and since this week's theme was Hippie, I almost didn't put up a set since I'm not quite familiar with the style. Anyways, I decided to play it safe with a comfortable jersey maxi dress paired with gladiator sandals and an assymetric shoulder bag. For accessories, I felt like it should be kept simple so I went for the feather braided headband and a chunky cuff bracelet.

As far as beauty was concern, I felt that it was best to go completely au naturel with only a moisturizing lip balm and sheer sun block. To complete the ensemble, I threw in a casual scent as well.

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils

Urban Decay has come out with a lot of products to celebrate it's 15th year anniversary this year.  Among those was the limited edition boxed set of 15 shades of their famous 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils.  Having tried samples of their Zero pencil that came with some of their palettes, I already knew that I love the formulation of these pencils.  True to their name, it really does glide on when applied and for me at least, it was long lasting.

Needless to say I wasted no time to jump at the chance of grabbing one of these collector editions which retails for US$92.  These are full sized pencils at only a little over US$6 each compared to its individual retail price of US$18 each.  That's approximately 66% off and it includes 6 brand new shades plus a free sharpener.

Sigma Dare Palette

Now for another post for the new line of Sigma eyeshadow palettes, this time featuring the Dare palette.

Dare Palette (sleeve and palette)

Dare Palette (opened)

This palette also comes in the same type of packaging as the Flare palette, 8 warm shade selection and a double ended brush (E20 Short Shader Brush and the E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush).

Sleek iDivine Bad Girl Palette: Photos, Swatches and First Impression

For my second Sleek order, I also picked up the iDivine Bad Girl palette.

Sleek iDivine Bad Girl Palette (Box packaging)

Sleek iDivine Bad Girl Palette (Opened)

As with the other iDivine eye shadow palettes, Bad Girl comes in the same packaging with the full sized mirror on the inner lid and a double ended sponge tip applicator.

Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool vs Clarisonic Mia

A couple months back I posted product photos and my first impression of the Sigma Cleansing and Polishing tool which I received just prior to my trip to LA.  During my trip, I'd also managed to get myself a Clarisonic Mia which I've been wanting to get for the longest time.

Now that I've been better acquainted with both products, I can share my thoughts on both and which one I prefer over the other.  Let's begin the battle of the cleansing tools!

Basically both tools are meant to be used for effective cleansing resulting smoother more radiant skin by minimizing enlarged pores and fine lines as well as giving a light exfoliation.

Sleek iDivine Primer Palette: Photos, Swatches and First Impressions

This palette arrived a little over a month ago but I haven't been able to give it a try yet (but I'm excited to). After my first 2 palettes, I felt like getting more.

One of the things in my second purchase is the Sleek iDivine Primer Palette:

Sleek iDivine The Primer Palette (box packaging)

Sleek iDivine The Primer Palette (opened palette)

The palette comes with 12 creamy colors and a double ended brush in a sleek black plastic case which includes a mirror on the inner lid. Each pan offers 1.1g/0.03oz of product.  This product is specially designed to complement the eye shadows in their iDivine palettes for added intensity and longer wear.

I'm not a big fan of the flimsy loose plastic film with the color names though.  I felt that they could've done a much better job at that by either having the names printed on the palette itself above the top row and below the bottom row or have a diagram at the back of the case with the names printed.  Not too keen on the brush included either.  The bristles are of poor quality and badly cut too.  Definitely use your own brush or a clean finger to apply.

Make Up Basics: Concealer & Corrector

Everyone's skin is different and there may be certain areas that require extra coverage or neutralizing.  Foundation alone might not be able to assist with these needs and hence a concealer -- and sometimes a corrector as well -- is applied.


Concealers does pretty much exactly as the name suggests, it conceals.  Similar to foundations, concealers are available in a variety of forms:

  • liquid - often packaged in click pens, tubes with doe foot wands, pumps or squeeze tubes
  • cream - commonly packaged in jars, pots, metal pans, palettes, pencil or stick form
  • powder - packaged in a sifter jar and mostly found in mineral make up lines

The most common usages for concealers are to mask darkness under the eyes (mainly caused by sleep deprivation but is sometimes hereditary) and to hide acne, zits/pimples, birthmarks, scars, redness and dark spots.

Perfumes & Mists: GUESS (New) for Women

Those close to me are very much aware of my inability to resist scents.  I'll be the first to admit that my perfume collection is insane but I love them all!  Lately, I've been into body mists/splashes as well and thought this would be another nice series to add to the blog.

Starting off this series is GUESS (New) for Women:

This is one of the first perfumes that I bought when I started working.  I hadn't planned on getting it at all but after a whiff, I was sold.  I typically steer clear of musky scents but the combination of all the other notes makes this one a personal favorite.  The scent lingers throughout the day (read: long lasting), is youthful, edgy and undoubtedly sexy.  Despite my obnoxious perfume collection, I'm almost done with my second bottle of this with a back up in store.  I bought a smaller version for travelling and a pendant version of it as well.  The full size packaging is considerably durable but for one of my bottles, the cap detached from the plastic mould insert somehow.  I love that it comes with a cute drawstring pouch too.

Tangerine, green apple, freesia, pink peony, muguet, peach, red fruit, cedar wood, amber and musk.

Eau De Parfum (EDP)

Retail Prices
30ml (1oz) - AUD$19 (Bought at Priceline ~RM62)
50ml (1.7oz) - US$45
75ml (2.5oz) - RM215 (Bought for S$49 in Singapore at a wholesaler ~RM120)

NOTE: Online retailers and discount outlets may offer lower prices.

Special Deals on Sigma - Save US$10

There's currently a US$10 savings (no coupon required) on the Sigma website for selected items as pictured below for those interested.

Click image to go to page

The only coupon code I could find at this time is LEESHA2011 which takes off 10% from your entire purchase.  The coupon is only valid until August 4th, 2011 (EST).

For a limited time, Sigma is offering a sample of their latest eye shadow palettes for purchases of US$75 and above per order:

Photo source: Sigma Facebook page

The sample includes Reveal, Act and Oversee from the Dare, Bare and Flare palettes respectively.  This is the same mini palette they were giving out during IMATS LA in June and is definitely a fun little palette to tote around in your purse or just to try out the quality of the eye shadows.

For every purchase of US$30 and above, you'll still receive a free gift -- a travel sized silver handled E25 (previously the SS217) brush:

Photo source: ACW

This has to be one of my favorite eye brushes.  It's an ideal size to contour my eyes and blend out color.

Jewelmint Picks: August 2011

August is here and Jewelmint has already come out with brand new pieces for their showroom.  Selected pieces from previous months' collection are still available for purchase on the site but here are some of the new pieces that I caught my attention:

Here To Eternity Set

I felt this was a beautiful elegant set.  It's rare to find jewelry integrating both yellow and rose gold in one piece.  The earrings are cute and demure all in one, and perfect everyday studs.  The multistrand necklace looks delicate and romantic with a knot, the word "Love" and a horizontal bar filled with crystals on each strand respectively.  This piece was one of the pieces included in my August showroom.  Jewelmint is slowly beginning to capture my style.

Krishna Diamong Earrings

I could be wrong but I think this has appeared in previous months before but aren't they just a beauty?  These stud earrings are double layered and is such a classy piece to be worn for formal events and functions but yet is still wearable enough for regular days to glam up a more relaxed T-shirt and jeans outfit.

New Wave Ring

I've seen similar armadillo type rings before and gives an edge to any outfit.  YouTube gurus such as Jessica Harlow and Michelle Phan have often worn rings that look like this in many videos and photos.  I'm not sure where they bought their rings but I know Karmaloop has a few to choose from:

Photo source: Karmaloop

Jewelmint is a subscription based service providing personalized jewelry suggestions for US$29.99/month.  The subscription gives you 1 credit for use to purchase any one piece of jewelry item from your personalized showroom (or you can add other pieces not in your showroom that were not suggested to you).  Additional pieces can also be purchased at US$29.99 each.  This service is currently available in the US and US territories only.

First Impression: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush

While in the States a month ago, I got to see up close and swatch the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush.  I had relatively high expectations for this blush and was already thinking of getting one or two (or more) especially after hearing such good things about it and seeing it on one of emilynoel83's videos awhile back.

Photo source: Sephora

Here are some keywords from the product review on Sephora.com:

Excited lil ole me went swatch happy at Sephora when I spotted the Tarte display.  I know a lot of people have been singing praises for this particular product but sadly for me, it completely did not meet my expectations.  I was rather disappointed at the color payoff from the swatches and ended up buying none.

For every color that I had swatched from the display, I could barely get any product on my skin.  And for the swatches that I did managed to pick up some color, it completely disappeared when blended into my skin.  The texture was hard and powdery and not at all buttery or creamy.  Of course it being clay based I guess I should've expected it though.

I might eventually try an order a color in the future to re-evaluate the product and try picking up color with a brush instead.  I imagine if a brush would be able to pick up the color, it would look beautiful and natural blended on the skin (maybe even with a cream blush base?).

The blush comes in 8 shades in Sephora and retails for US$25 each.

Have you tried this product? Love it or hate it?

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