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Jewelmint Picks: August 2011

August is here and Jewelmint has already come out with brand new pieces for their showroom.  Selected pieces from previous months' collection are still available for purchase on the site but here are some of the new pieces that I caught my attention:

Here To Eternity Set

I felt this was a beautiful elegant set.  It's rare to find jewelry integrating both yellow and rose gold in one piece.  The earrings are cute and demure all in one, and perfect everyday studs.  The multistrand necklace looks delicate and romantic with a knot, the word "Love" and a horizontal bar filled with crystals on each strand respectively.  This piece was one of the pieces included in my August showroom.  Jewelmint is slowly beginning to capture my style.

Krishna Diamong Earrings

I could be wrong but I think this has appeared in previous months before but aren't they just a beauty?  These stud earrings are double layered and is such a classy piece to be worn for formal events and functions but yet is still wearable enough for regular days to glam up a more relaxed T-shirt and jeans outfit.

New Wave Ring

I've seen similar armadillo type rings before and gives an edge to any outfit.  YouTube gurus such as Jessica Harlow and Michelle Phan have often worn rings that look like this in many videos and photos.  I'm not sure where they bought their rings but I know Karmaloop has a few to choose from:

Photo source: Karmaloop

Jewelmint is a subscription based service providing personalized jewelry suggestions for US$29.99/month.  The subscription gives you 1 credit for use to purchase any one piece of jewelry item from your personalized showroom (or you can add other pieces not in your showroom that were not suggested to you).  Additional pieces can also be purchased at US$29.99 each.  This service is currently available in the US and US territories only.

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