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Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils

Urban Decay has come out with a lot of products to celebrate it's 15th year anniversary this year.  Among those was the limited edition boxed set of 15 shades of their famous 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils.  Having tried samples of their Zero pencil that came with some of their palettes, I already knew that I love the formulation of these pencils.  True to their name, it really does glide on when applied and for me at least, it was long lasting.

Needless to say I wasted no time to jump at the chance of grabbing one of these collector editions which retails for US$92.  These are full sized pencils at only a little over US$6 each compared to its individual retail price of US$18 each.  That's approximately 66% off and it includes 6 brand new shades plus a free sharpener.

Although it's been awhile since these came out, I hadn't posted product photos and swatches because they were no longer available for purchase by the time I'd wanted to mention them in a post although I had received them much earlier.  However, Urban Decay has just announced on Twitter that they're back in stock on their website while stocks last. (it's still sold out on Sephora and ULTA at the moment).

Click image to enlarge

If you're familiar with Urban Decay eyeshadows, you'll notice that some of the colors included correspond to matching eye shadow shades already available:
  • Stray Dog (regular eyeshadow)
  • Midnight Cowboy (regular eyeshadow)
  • Baked (regular eyeshadow)
  • Mildew (regular eyeshadow)
  • Perversion (matte eyeshadow)
  • Electric (matte eyeshadow)
  • Ransom (deluxe eyeshadow)
  • Zero (deluxe eyeshadow)
  • Uzi (regular eyeshadow).

(L-R) Stray Dog, Corrupt, Bourbon, Midnight Cowboy, Baked
- Click image to enlarge -

  • Stray Dog (UD15 shade) - greyish taupe with shimmer
  • Corrupt (UD15 shade) - chocolate brown with shimmer
  • Bourbon (Permanent) - warm brown with gold reflects
  • Midnight Cowboy (UD15 shade) - pale peachy beige with gold shimmer
  • Baked (Permanent) - metallic golden bronze 

(L-R) Stash, Mildew, Perversion, Electric, Binge
- Click image to enlarge -

  • Stash (Permanent) - dark olive green with gold shimmer
  • Mildew (Permanent) - metallic deep moss green
  • Perversion (UD15 shade) - matte blackest black
  • Electric (Permanent) - metallic bright turquoise
  • Binge (Permanent) - metallic navy blue

(L-R) Ransom, Asphyxia, Rockstar, Zero, Uzi
- Click image to enlarge -

  • Ransom (Permanent) - bright iridescent purple
  • Asphyxia (UD15 shade) - pinky lavender with iridescent purple shimmer
  • Rockstar (Permanent) - deep eggplant with a slight metallic finish
  • Zero (Permanent) - matte black
  • Uzi (UD15 shade) - dark gun metal grey with silver shimmer

These pencils have a creamy texture that allows them to apply effortlessly for a smooth line.  The more vibrant colors are great to use for that extra pop of color to an overall neutral look.  As far as I can tell, the colors do not smudge or budge until you take them off.  I tried rubbing my palm on the swatches and the colors were still vibrant and I didn't notice any color bleeding.  The shimmer on the other hand did get shifted to other colors but even that was very minimal transferring.

While still a little tacky, you can also use these pencils as a base for your eyeshadow.  Be warned though, once dry, it's not going to be an easy blending experience.  As for using these pencils for lining the waterline and for tightlining, I've only used Zero for that purpose so far and my eyes were not irritated by the product despite my eyes being quite sensitive.  I wouldn't recommend using the more shimmery colors for waterlining and tightlining though.

Free UD15 double sharpener

I loved that all the colors in the collection were very wearable (practical!).  These are perfect for days where you want a quick eye make up look -- just eye lining and mascara -- as well as to complement almost every eye make up.

If you prefer liquid eyeliners instead, Urban Decay has also recently introduced their 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in 11 beautiful shades.


  1. I haven't opened mine yet but I'm so glad I got this. It's really a steal as these liners are still unmatched by any other pencil liners out there.

  2. Mine is still in it's packaging too. Haha. The box is so pretty as well and I just love the texture and wear of these pencil liners. They only come off with make up remover. Plus, this set is really such a steal. I think it's valued at at least US$270.


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