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Sleek iDivine Primer Palette: Photos, Swatches and First Impressions

This palette arrived a little over a month ago but I haven't been able to give it a try yet (but I'm excited to). After my first 2 palettes, I felt like getting more.

One of the things in my second purchase is the Sleek iDivine Primer Palette:

Sleek iDivine The Primer Palette (box packaging)

Sleek iDivine The Primer Palette (opened palette)

The palette comes with 12 creamy colors and a double ended brush in a sleek black plastic case which includes a mirror on the inner lid. Each pan offers 1.1g/0.03oz of product.  This product is specially designed to complement the eye shadows in their iDivine palettes for added intensity and longer wear.

I'm not a big fan of the flimsy loose plastic film with the color names though.  I felt that they could've done a much better job at that by either having the names printed on the palette itself above the top row and below the bottom row or have a diagram at the back of the case with the names printed.  Not too keen on the brush included either.  The bristles are of poor quality and badly cut too.  Definitely use your own brush or a clean finger to apply.


Top: (L-R) Moonshine, Calypso, Ultra Violet
Bottom: (L-R) Noir, Peach, Money Tree
- Click image to enlarge -

  • Moonshine - Frosty white
  • Calypso - True blue
  • Ultra Violet - Vibrant grape purple
  • Noir - Black with slight shimmer flecks
  • Peach - Light golden peach
  • Money Tree - Fern green

Top: (L-R) Dare Devil, Pink Frost, Silver Lining
Bottom: (L-R) Truffle, Money Honey, Hot Wired!
- Click image to enlarge -

  • Dare Devil - Red with pink undertones
  • Pink Frost - Frosty baby pink
  • Silver Lining - Light frosty silver
  • Truffle - Ash dark brown
  • Money Honey - Pale gold
  • Hot Wired! - Orange copper with yellow gold shimmer flecks

Top: (L-R)
Moonshine, Calypso, Ultra Violet, Dare Devil, Pink Frost, Silver Lining
Bottom: (L-R)
Noir, Peach, Money Tree, Truffle, Money Honey, Hot Wired!
- Click image to enlarge -

The texture of the cream is light with mediocre color payoff.  I would definitely say that the pigmentation of these are much better compared to the recent MAC Bounce eye shadows.  The palette generally offers slight frost in colors but if applied alone, the colors do tend to come off rather dull.

After application, I would suggest quickly layering your powder eye shadow over top because it does dry relatively fast.  However, the product is buildable so if you'd like the color to be more intense, you could just layer it on.

While swatching and playing around with the product, I felt that it would serve better as an eye shadow base  compared to the intended purpose of a colored primer.  I would still suggest priming your lids with your favorite eye primer first and use this product to intensify and bring out the colors of your eye shadows.

This pretty much works like a regular cream eye shadow and if you like, can be used as such in place of a regular powder eye shadow.  Once it dries, it really doesn't budge much if at all.  Apply all over lid, and define with a darker powder eye shadow.


The product is available for purchase from the Sleek Makeup online store here for US$10.50.  Sleek ships worldwide except for the African continent at a flat rate of US$13.50 outside UK & Europe.  For more info on shipping/deliveries click here.


Excluding shipping, each color would cost approximately US$0.87 each.  And you do get 12 colors in a single palette.  Factoring in the shipping charges, it's still about less than US$2 per color.  This palette is definitely a nice to have palette and not exactly a necessity.

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