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Sleek iDivine Bad Girl Palette: Photos, Swatches and First Impression

For my second Sleek order, I also picked up the iDivine Bad Girl palette.

Sleek iDivine Bad Girl Palette (Box packaging)

Sleek iDivine Bad Girl Palette (Opened)

As with the other iDivine eye shadow palettes, Bad Girl comes in the same packaging with the full sized mirror on the inner lid and a double ended sponge tip applicator.


Sleek iDivine Bad Girl Palette (Colors with names)

The image above although slightly lighter is a better representation of the actual colors in the palette.  I found this palette to be a bit harder to photograph because of the sparkle especially for the lighter shades and ended up with over-exposed shots instead.  The colors in the 2 close ups below are a much brighter version of the actual colors.

Top: (L-R) Innocence, Gullible, Blade
Bottom: (L-R) Intoxicated, Envy, Obnoxious
- Click image to enlarge -

  • Innocence - Frosty snow white
  • Gullible - Frosty pale beige rose quartz
  • Blade - Shimmery silver
  • Intoxicated - Frosty forest green
  • Envy - Deep blackened green
  • Obnoxious - Dark indigo

Top: (L-R) Gun Metal, Underground, Noir
Bottom: (L-R) Abyss, Twilight, Rebel
- Click image to enlarge -

  • Gun Metal - Frosty grey
  • Underground - Dark grey
  • Noir - Flat black
  • Abyss - Deep blue
  • Twilight - Dark purple with shimmer
  • Rebel - Matte burgundy plum

Top (L-R):
Innocence, Gullible, Blade, Gun Metal, Underground, Noir
Bottom (L-R):
Intoxicated, Envy, Obnoxious, Abyss, Twilight, Rebel
- Click image to enlarge -

A lot of the shades in the palette are shimmer and frosty.  Similar to their other signature eye shadow palettes in the iDivine collection, these colors have a soft texture with high pigmentation.  I only found Underground to be a little hard to swatch though.  Due to the softness of the powder, you will need to be extra careful of fall outs or have a cream base (or primer) and pat on color first before blending.  Sweeping color directly will definitely leave the rest of your face shimmery from the excess shadow.

I'm quite pleased with the color combination in this palette and am excited to play around with the colors in the bottom row the most.  I had hoped that there would be a satin finished highlight color included but no such luck.  Despite the evident shimmer/frost in 8 out of 10 of the colors, a few of the colors didn't come out overly sparkly namely Envy, Obnoxious and Abyss.  I'm in love with Abyss personally.  I love how amazing the color payoff is and it's a really beautiful color.

Especially with the darker shades, I highly recommend a primer to avoid any staining on lids.  These shadows are super potent and like most similar formulations, it is best to be careful.


For those in the UK, I believe Sleek is sold at Superdrug as well as their website.  The palette is also available for purchase on the Sleek website which ships internationally for a retail price of US$10.  Shipping outside the UK and Europe is at US$13.50.  


For the 12 shades, it's a little more than US$0.80 per pan of 1.1g/0.03oz of eye shadow.


  1. oh! im so tempted to purchase the sleeks palettes. actually i am planning for nyx single eyeshadow..really could not make my mind..mayb i will start with sleek palette... i getting tired and bored with my 88 palettes... they does not last long... :(

  2. NYX has a wide array of colours for their single eyeshadows. I have a few and they're a lot cheaper than MAC singles plus have more product too. The Sleek eyeshadows have a softer texture though and higher colour payoff. I agree on the 88 palette. The colours turn out a bit dull at the end of the day.


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