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Summary: Sigma Eye Shadow Palettes - Product Photos, Swatches, Review and Looks

Here's a recap of all three Sigma Eye Shadow Palettes:

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The Flare palette is a beautiful set with peacock inspired shades of green and purple and a fun palette to have.  The E55 is good to pat on color while the E40 is a good blending option for those with bigger lid space.  Create a fun contrasting look to smokey eyes or try out the eco-inspired look I created to test the palette.  Available here for US$35 (excluding shipping).

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When it came to the Dare palette I felt that the colors wasn't as bold as I had imagine and instead was greeted with quite wearable shades.  Not my preferred palette per se but it reminds me of fall.  My favorite colors are Surrender, Grasp, Reveal and Catch which are the same eye shadows used to create the looks in the Dare palette feature.  I wasn't quite as excited about the brush included in the palette and would have preferred an E55 and E25 double ended brush instead.  Available here for US$35 (excluding shipping).

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I'd initially thought the Bare palette would have been a fine contender to the cult favorite Urban Decay Naked Palette but it isn't quite there.  I can see this working for a wide range of skin tones and for neutral lovers out there.  The palette didn't stir much excitement for me although if you are seeking a nice earthy palette that has less shimmer or satin finishes, this might be up your alley.  I love the brush that came in this palette the most of the 3 palettes and made a look inspired by Christina Aguilera's make up from the show The Voice.  Available here for US$35 (excluding shipping).

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