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New Travel Brush Kit from Sigma: Make Me Up Travel Edition

If you enjoy travelling whether near or far, packing brushes to go can be a bit of a problem.  Not only do you have to figure out which brushes you'll need to bring that can help you in creating the looks that you want on the road but also ensuring the brushes are protected from damage form being tossed around in your luggage.

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Photo Credit: Sigma Beauty

A Very Sigma Holiday

Sigma is on a roll this holiday season with tons of new products coming up in the next few weeks.  In case you haven't seen them yet, here's a little sneak peek from them:

Come this November 28th, their best selling Make Me Up Collection will include travel versions as well!  Just like the full sized kits the travel sets will be available in all 4 colors - Purple (Crazy), Black (Classy), Coral (Blush) and Turquoise (Cool).  The travel sized sets comes with the following 7 brushes and the same (albeit smaller version) brush cup holder to hold and protect the brushes:

Jewelmint Picks: November 2011

November is coming to an end and this month's Jewelmint picks are definitely long overdue.  Anyhow, I decided to share my favorites for this month anyways and at time of post, these pieces are still available.

The Emerald City Rings caught my eye immediately.  I love the ring design and color combo of these rings.  The rich emerald green crystals on the 14K gold-plated bands are gorgeous!  Unfortunately these rings only go up to a size 8 which is too small for my fingers so it looks like I'll be wearing these on a chain when I get them.  Wouldn't it be awesome if Jewelmint had these offered with chains too?

New Limited Sigma Collection: The Cities (Black Friday & November Code)

Inspired by 4 beautiful and distinct cities in the world, Sigma has developed a limited edition travel kit to kick start the holiday season.  Each kit features 7 carefully selected brushes from their existing range and are complemented by their convenient brush cup holder (in travel size!).

Brushes Included In The Kit

  • E05 Eyeliner
  •  - Synthetic bristles are tapered to a point to create varying eyeliner thickness with ease.
  • E35 Tapered Blending
  •  - Fluffy goat hair tapered blending brush to remove harsh lines and blend eye shadows for the perfect gradient.
  • E45 Small Blending
  •  - A small tapered natural hair blending brush ideal for crease works and friendly on smaller lids.
  • E60 Large Shader
  •  - Large and flat, this brush is good for packing on lid color and minor blending.  It's also a good brush to use for precise color placement in the crease.
  • F05 Small Contour
  •  - Dome shaped and a good balance of density and fluff, this is an excellent brush to aid in contouring cheekbones.  Works well with applying highlights too.
  • F15 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush
  •  - Flat dome duo fibre bristles applies all types of blushes from powder, cream to mineral/mineralized.
  • F30 Large Powder
  •  - The basic paddle brush for powder application whether it be powder foundation, setting powder or even powder blushes.

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