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Jewelmint Picks: November 2011

November is coming to an end and this month's Jewelmint picks are definitely long overdue.  Anyhow, I decided to share my favorites for this month anyways and at time of post, these pieces are still available.

The Emerald City Rings caught my eye immediately.  I love the ring design and color combo of these rings.  The rich emerald green crystals on the 14K gold-plated bands are gorgeous!  Unfortunately these rings only go up to a size 8 which is too small for my fingers so it looks like I'll be wearing these on a chain when I get them.  Wouldn't it be awesome if Jewelmint had these offered with chains too?

This 14K gold-plated embellished bracelet/bangle is a beautiful demure piece that can be worn on its own or stacked.  I love how it is both feminine and chic at the same time.

Similar to the Empress Necklace in my October 2011 picks, the Le Beau Necklace comes in a brass and black faceted cable chain measuring 26" with a 6" extender.  The pendant is a gold-plated band with two rows of silver-plated link chains wrapped around it giving it that edgy appearance.  I think this would look great worn as an accent to a simple crisp outfit.

Jewelmint is a subscription based service providing personalized jewelry suggestions for US$29.99/month. The subscription gives you 1 credit for use to purchase any one piece of jewelry item from your personalized showroom (or you can add other pieces not in your showroom that were not suggested to you). Additional pieces can also be purchased at US$29.99 each. Membership is free and the subscription charges commences only after the first purchase. Option to skip payment for any particular month can be done by the 5th of each month. This service is currently available in the US and US territories only. [Jewelmint FAQ]

Photo source: Jewelmint website

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