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New Limited Sigma Collection: The Cities (Black Friday & November Code)

Inspired by 4 beautiful and distinct cities in the world, Sigma has developed a limited edition travel kit to kick start the holiday season.  Each kit features 7 carefully selected brushes from their existing range and are complemented by their convenient brush cup holder (in travel size!).

Brushes Included In The Kit

  • E05 Eyeliner
  •  - Synthetic bristles are tapered to a point to create varying eyeliner thickness with ease.
  • E35 Tapered Blending
  •  - Fluffy goat hair tapered blending brush to remove harsh lines and blend eye shadows for the perfect gradient.
  • E45 Small Blending
  •  - A small tapered natural hair blending brush ideal for crease works and friendly on smaller lids.
  • E60 Large Shader
  •  - Large and flat, this brush is good for packing on lid color and minor blending.  It's also a good brush to use for precise color placement in the crease.
  • F05 Small Contour
  •  - Dome shaped and a good balance of density and fluff, this is an excellent brush to aid in contouring cheekbones.  Works well with applying highlights too.
  • F15 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush
  •  - Flat dome duo fibre bristles applies all types of blushes from powder, cream to mineral/mineralized.
  • F30 Large Powder
  •  - The basic paddle brush for powder application whether it be powder foundation, setting powder or even powder blushes.

The Collection (Available In 4 Colors)

New York (US$59)

NEW YORK is classic, sleek, stylish and fashion forward with a black color scheme and silver ferules.

Tokyo (US$59)

TOKYO is a bright pink set with matching light pink ferules inspired by the bustling metropolis and harajuku influences.

Paris (US$59)

PARIS comes in a captivating and sexy bright red with coral red ferules representing the romance capital of the world.

London (US$89)

LONDON is a luxurious chestnut brown set with 18K gold-plated ferules reflecting the poise and elegance of the city.

Photo Credit: Sigma Beauty

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