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Review: Benefit they're Real Mascara

Not too long ago Benefit launched they're latest mascara offering, they're Real, which is labelled as beyond mascara because the formula is supposed to be good enough you'll look like you're wearing false eyelashes.  Here's how the product worked for me.

I received a few samples from Sephora when they had these as their VIB 100-point perk in stores.

Let's start with some numbers:

Product images source: Sephora.com

It appears that the smaller tube costs less per ounce compared to the full size tube.  At the moment, Sephora has a special set where you get both sizes at the prize of the full size product which brings the cost per ounce down even more.

Values aside, now let's look deeper into the actual product.

The overall packaging is very simple and sleek.  It isn't a typical straight cylinder and has a little of that vintage vibe Benefit is famous for.

The wand for this mascara has about a 1 inch long application tip with short plastic bristles all round.  The tip of the wand is also spiked with these short bristles to make application to even the most hard to reach lash easier.

As you can see, with a thick eyeliner line, my lashes seem almost invisible when looked at straight on.  I don't particularly have "non-existent" lashes as they are a decent length but at the same time they are quite fine and don't have a natural curl to them.

Close up: Left eye

Close up: Left eye

Close up: Right eye

Close up: Right eye

Despite really wanting to like this mascara especially with a lot of people being in love with it, it's just not cutting it for me.  On me, I find the formula tend to clump my lashes a little bit, helps a little with length but fails in adding much volume.  It's also not the best in holding curl even if I crimp my lashes again slightly after the mascara has dried a little bit.

Claims: 94% saw dramatic length & volume
I didn't notice a huge improvement in length (at most a 0.1-0.12mm extension) and barely any added volume.  I wouldn't say that for me, it's comparable to wearing false lashes because it isn't although I've had friends who've cut down on falsies since using this mascara and loved it.
Claim: 90% saw base-to-tip curl
Again, for me this was a fail.  I'd curled my lashes before applying this mascara and upon application the curl pretty much disappeared.  Slightly crimping the lashes again after application didn't help either.
Claim: 94% saw visible lift
My lashes were slightly lifted which might have more to do with my lash curler than the product itself.
Claim: 100% saw long-wearing results
This is probably the only claim that I will agree on.  The wear of this mascara is excellent without any signs of smudging or fading.


To sum things up, as much as I wanted this product to work amazingly, this is definitely not the mascara for me or if you have fine, straight lashes, this might not work that well for you either.  For those of you do have thicker lashes (in terms of hair texture), but are looking for a mascara that can help enhance you natural lashes, give the 0.14-oz tube a try.  If you like it, go for the set (or full size if the set is not available near you).  The "Beyond Real" image on the box is a massive exaggeration of the abilities of this mascara and as with most product promo images, shouldn't be taken too literally.

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