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New Product: Sigma Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit

Sigma has recently revealed that they are currently working on a series of kits to help just about anyone perfect their make up skills with sets containing essential and one of a kind tools and products for specific parts of their make up routine.  They are aiming to provide everyone with several different kits targeted at different parts to create that flawless result.

First out from the collection is the Brow Design Kit which contains a 15 piece set of tools and make up products for everything brows:

What You Get

Designed to be of the perfect length and shape to trim long and out-of-place brow hairs.

A staple in most brow grooming regimes, the tweezers included in this kit has a curved body and a small slanted tip for precision removal of stray unwanted hair.

Brow Stencils
The kit comes with 3 durable stencils -- small, medium and large -- designed to help get the perfect symmetrical brow shape no matter which size brow you are.  Stencils are excellent tools for beginners to brow grooming too.  Use it to fill in and map out your brows and avoid over plucking.

Duo-Ended Highlighting Pencil
You will also be getting a double ended highlighting pencil with a matte (for a soft highlight) and shimmer (for a subtle glow) to define your arch and accentuate the brow bone.

Duo-Ended Brow Pencil
The brow pencil (also double ended) comes in 2 shades -- medium and dark -- with the former suited for light to medium hair and the latter for medium to dark hair.

Pencil Sharpener
To keep application precise, the kit almost comes provided with a pencil sharpener.

Brow Powder
There's also an option to fill brows with a brow powder as well for full, natural-looking eyebrows or for a more intense look layered over the brow pencil.  There are 5 shades included to suit a range of hair colors:

  • Bella - A slightly warm pale brown ideal for light to medium blonde hair.
  • Chloe - An auburn tint ideal for strawberry blonde to light auburn-hued hair.
  • Scarlett - A universal shade to add sharpness and enhance brows ideal for dark blonde to medium brunette hair.
  • Natasha - A warm chocolate brown for evident brows ideal for medium to dark brunette hair.
  • Valentina - An medium dark ash brown that produces a strong and bold effect for intense brows ideal for dark brunette to black hair.

Duo Brow Gel
The double ended brow gel comes in a clear formula for taming unruly brows for that natural polish look and a tinted end for added color and intensity.

Dual-Ended Brow Brush
Lastly, another essential brow tool, a stiff angled brush (E75) for applying brow powder and a spoolie/wand (E80) to blend pencil and powder for a natural look while brushing through hair to keep them in place.

How To Use The Kit

Step 1: Identifing your brows
Point A (Where your brows begin) - Hold the brush up and align it vertically to form a straight line from the side of your nose to the inner corner of your eye.
Point B (Where your brow arches) - Now align the brush from the same nose point and across the pupils of your eyes.
Point C (Where you brows end) - Align the brush from that same start point to the outer corners of your eye.

NOTE: Use the matte highlight pencil to gently mark the point of your brows that meet each of the lines above.

Step 2: Using the stencil
Put the stencils up against your brow and see which works best for you.  For reference, Point B on the stencil is where the template breaks.  Once you have the right stencil for you, press it against your brow and lightly fill the inside of the stencil with the Brow Pencil.

Step 3: Cleaning up
Tweeze brow hairs that fall outside of the line you've made to clean up the area.  When you're done, brush your brow hair through with the E80 and trim any long and out-of-place stray hairs.

Step 4: Defining your brows
Now with the E75, use a brow powder shade that is most suited for your hair color and fill in sparse areas and the parts of your brow that you think need more definition.

Step 5: Finishing touches
Apply brow gel lightly to keep brows in place and use the highlighting pencil under the arch of the eyebrow to accentuate the brow bone.

Watch The Video

Where To Buy

The kit is available on the Sigma Beauty website here for US$69.  Don't forget to use the current promo code (available at the top right of this blog) for an instant 10% off your purchase.

Promotional images, individual product photos and close ups: Sigma Beauty 

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