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Review: real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set

When I was in LA last year, one of my besties asked me to get her some real Techniques brushes from ULTA.  She was a big fan of the Pixiwoo sisters and this was Sam's brush collection.  I wasn't even aware of the brushes til then and I couldn't resist trying them out for myself.

This is going to be a review of the real Techniques Core Collection Set that comes with 4 brushes and a convertible case/holder.  The brushes are only available via the set and are not sold individually.

All of the real Techniques brushes are fashioned with a long aluminium ferule and a black rubber-like base.  Their brushes are also color coded and the orange ferrules of the core collection focuses on a flawless base.  The brushes are made with Taklon fibers which are super soft and plush synthetic bristles.  The ferrules are imprinted with the real Techniques by Samantha Chapman name on one side and the brush name on the other for easy reference.

Case - closed for packing and travelling

Case - opened and laid flat

Case - folded back in half to work as a brush stand

The case is made of black nylon material with a velcro closure and folds like a pocket book.  On the inside, the brushes are held to the case with an elastic ribbon conveniently sewn to the case to fit the 4 brushes on one side while still having room for more storage on the other.  The top part of the case folds back and tightened with a toggle at the end of a string to form a stand.


Top to Bottom: Contour Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush,
Detailer Brush, Buffing Brush

The Core Collection set consists of 4 brushes:

  • Contour brush - A soft round-based tapered brush.  I like using it for applying highlighter above my cheek bones as well as lightly contouring the hollows of my cheeks.  The brush hair is soft and fluffy which helps with blending product on the skin.
  • Pointed Foundation brush - This brush is slimmer in width compared to traditional foundation brushes.  The brush fibres are pinched at the base, of medium density and a tapered pointed tip.  I personally feel this brush is more suited for spot foundation as well as applying concealer to a medium sized area.  The tapered tip helps blend products into skin nicely and the bristles are not scratchy at all.
  • Detailer brush - A very small brush similar to the foundation brush only with shorter more rounded tip.  I don't have much use for this brush but I can see it as a concealer and inner corner highlight brush.  It can also be used to highlight under the brows for extra definition.
  • Buffing brush - This is definitely my fave of the bunch.  I use this brush for foundation, blush, bronzing, contouring and even powder.  It has a medium density and applies and blends products beautifully.  By far the most used brush of the 4.


Overall, the construction of the brushes are great and I personally love the aluminium ferrules.  I've only had very little shedding of the brush hair for my Buffing brush but that was pretty much just on that one occasion.  The brush hair feels very plush and luxe on the skin without any scratching or tugging.  The case/stand is a unique idea for sure but I still prefer my Sigma brush cup holder for storage and lugging around.

That said, the quality of the brushes are amazing and at it's price point of US$17.99 (US$18 on the site), it's really a good value even if you do end up only using 2 out of 4 brushes regularly.  If in future the brushes are available individually, I highly recommend getting the Buffing brush.  It works great with powder, liquid, cream and even mineral products.  Another added plus, the brushes are very easy to clean and retains shape quite well.


In the above video, Sam demonstrates how to use the set in a tutorial available on their website and YouTube channel.  Enjoy!

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