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First Impression: Sigma Think Pink Cleansing and Polishing Tool

May 30th, 2011 Sigma launched their latest product -- Cleansing and Polishing Tool.  At USD39, the tool is a mere 26% of the price of a Clarisonic Mia.  It is also comparable pricewise with other market contenders, Sirius Beauty Skin Sonic ($49.95) and the Olay Pro-X ($39.99).

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Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool
(Box packaging)

Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool

Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool
(Description on box)

Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool
-- Hard plastic casing, tool body, 3 brush head attachments
& soft plastic moulded storage insert --

The Tool

The Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool is nicely packaged in a hard plastic case with moulded inserts.  The hard case is designed with a frosted see through top lid with the Sigma logo on it and hinged to a dusty pale violet opaque bottom portion.  The plastic insert however in my case seems to always get stuck on one side of the casing when slightly lifted.  I personally would've preferred if the mould was built in with the bottom half instead of moving around every time I pick up the tool or try to take out the brush head attachments.

The tool itself is made of a sturdy hard plastic with the Sigma logo in pink and a pink rubber strip running along the side gap enabling it to be more water resistant.  I had expected the plastic to be a bit more white though instead of slightly yellow-tinged from the various photos on online and the promo photos.

With brush head attachment

Without brush head attachment

The tool features dual speed action:

  • Press switch once for low speed
  • Press switch again for higher speed
  • Press switch one more time to switch off

If you pressed on the switch before inserting the batteries, don't be surprised if the tool starts working as soon as you pop those batteries in as there are no indicators on which level the switch has been pressed.

The tool does not come with a charger which means:
  • No worries of whether the tool needs a universal charger for worldwide travel and use.
  • You'll need to stock up on AA batteries.

TIP: Use rechargeable batteries (under RM100 for 2 batteries with charger) instead of regular alkaline batteries.  Rechargeable versions are readily available at various strengths and are more eco-friendly as well.

To open the battery compartment, just turn the dial to the side without the raised dot and remove the cover.  Insert batteries accordingly, place the cover back and turn the dial back to its original position to keep in place.  The battery compartment is also lined with a clear rubber strip to keep water out.

The Brush Head Attachments

Brush Head Attachment

Brush Head Attachment

Brush Head Attachment

The tool comes with 3 attachments:
  • Pink bristles - Soft
  • Pink & White bristles - Medium
  • White bristles - Firm

The bristle colors makes it easy to distinguish which is which and these attachments snap on and off the tool with ease.  However, I noticed that the bristles on the attachments weren't all cut level (a few bristle fibres were longer than the rest) as you may see below:

Brush Head Attachment

Brush Head Attachment

It is recommended that brush heads be replaced every 3-4 months with regular/daily use.  The attachments aren't sold separately as of yet but will be available tentatively in August 2011.  Simone has also indicated that different attachments are also in the works and I'm definitely curious to know what they'll be coming out with then.

Mode of Operation

The tool operates by rotating the brush heads in a single direction at low or high speed depending on your preference.  Just snap on the brush head attachment you'd like to use and press the pink switch/button.

First Impression

When I first received the tool, I was excited that it had finally arrived and was extremely eager to try it out.  The product claims to help skin feel smooth and flawless before and after make up application and allow skincare products to absorb better too.

I'll admit that the price is definitely very tempting especially with the cult favorite Clarisonic having a hefty price tag.  I would prefer though if the casing had been a bit more compact.  I felt that it was a little bulky for travelling and the one that I have seem to be a bit tight at the hinge to completely open and won't stay up for too long.  Also, it would be nice if the brush heads had either a cap or if the casing had some form of air vent to dry the bristles after usage and avoid bacteria build up (I'm not sure if the bristles are anti-bacterial like the Clarisonic as it isn't mentioned on the site).

For the actual tool, although at first sight it looked a little dated (yellowish toned white), it does feel sturdy in the hand and fits nicely in my palms.  One of the brushes came out of it's well in the soft plastic mould and squashed my soft brush head a little bit but it's still in pretty good condition.

The box doesn't say whether the cleanser should be applied directly on face or the brush head and I suppose that would be based on personal preference.  I tried it out by applying the facial cleanser on my brush head and massaged the rotating brush on my skin in circular motions.  It felt nice and wasn't abrasive as I thought it might be (The Body Shop facial brush felt harsher).  I wouldn't recommend a foaming cleanser though as the tool does cause it to foam up quite a bit and you may have difficulties breathing when you're working around the nose area.  If you're cleanser does lather up, try using a smaller amount instead.  My cleanser was all over my t-shirt and other places by the time I was done with the cleansing and polishing process.

I tried the product on one of my brothers as well since he had some blackheads cropping up and wanted to see if the tool made a difference.  Guess what?  It did!  It didn't remove all the blackheads but there was a noticeable reduction and his skin was smoother too (the tiny bumps on his face had flattened a bit).   For me, I have whiteheads on my nose, chin and above my brows.  At times I find some on my cheek area under my eyes near the bridge of my nose especially when make up isn't removed completely the day before.  My other main problem is enlarged pores around that same cheek area and my nose as well. Of course using the tool did not shrink more pores in 1 usage and I'll need to test the tool further for efficacy but my skin was definitely smoother to the touch more than usual.  Since the brush head rotates however, I felt that I would probably use it every other day instead of daily.  My skin felt nice and clean but the new layer of skin exposed was a bit more sensitive to the toner I was using and I could feel more of the toner's effect.

Another feature I think would be a nice addition to the tool is a brush head attachment for the nose area.  The brush head although small enough for the rest of the face, felt a bit more difficult to reach the sides of the nose and work around the area overall.

I'll be doing more testing on the product in the next few weeks and will report on any new findings as soon as I can.  If you've already gotten the Cleansing & Polishing tool, do share your experience with it in the comments below.  I'd love to know your thoughts about it too.

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