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Upcoming Products: Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool and Precision Sigmax Kit

Looks like Sigma is on a roll without new product launches and sneak peeks at upcoming line ups.  Previously I've posted about their upcoming eye shadow palettes and hopefully I'll be able to get a mini version of the palette(s) during IMATS LA next month (can you sense my excitement?).

Simone and her team has been working on new brushes that would be perfect for applying eye primer, under eye concealer and fit in small areas of the face.  End of last month (April 29th) she tweeted the perfect tools for just that and something that we'll be expecting soon:

Mini versions of the F80, F82 & F84.
The Precision Sigmax Kit (L-R: P82, P84 & P80)
Source: Simone

These new brushes will be using the same Sigmax filament bristles and just like the original Synthetic Face Kit, and would be able to buff in products flawlessly and well blended without streaking.  I would imagine the price point for these to be at about USD9 each (referencing current prices for eye brushes).

Another product we can look forward to from Sigma is their rival to the cult Clarisonic tool.  Having tried the Clarisonic Mia, Simone felt that the product fell short in some areas and decided to come out with a tool that could meet with her expectations.

Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool
Source: Simone

Sigma Cleansing & Polishing tool in a plastic case
with 3 interchangeable brush heads
Source: Simone

Sigma Cleansing & Polishing tool
with 2 speed settings
Source: Simone

Sigma Cleansing & Polishing tool - Brush heads
(L-R: Soft, Medium, Firm)
Source: Simone

From the photos released by Simone, it looks like the tool is battery operated since there doesn't look like there's a charger or cradle in the package.  It's nice that it comes in a nice hard plastic case (read: portable) and comes with 3 brush heads.  Clarisonic comes with a charger/cradle and 1 brush head with a sample of their cleanser.

Clarisonic Mia (RRP: USD149)

Available in 10 color choices and operates in 1 speed.
Includes charger and sample cleanser.
4 choices or brush heads: Normal, Sensitive, Delicate & Deep Pore
Source: Clarisonic website

The Sigma tool has 2 operating speeds and a rotating head.  At the moment, we're not too sure if it will be using a similar sonic technology as the Clarisonic and Skin Sonic or a rotating/vibrating motion like the Olay Pro-X.  It seems to be available in only 1 color -- baby pink -- aptly corresponding to the "Think Pink" slogan printed on the box.

Sirius Skin Sonic Skincare System
(RRP: USD49.95)

Includes 5 attachment heads: Normal, Sensitive,
Exfoliating, Toning, Hydrating.
Battery operated.
Source: Sirius Beauty
Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleaning
System (RRP: USD34.99)

2 speed operation with rotating system.
Includes 1 soft bristle brush head and exfoliating cleanser.
Source: Walgreens

As far as prices go, Simone has assured us via her Twitter that it would definitely not be as pricey as the well known Clarisonic tool (Priced at Mia-USD149, Classic-USD195, Plus-USD225) but I can't confirm if it will be as competitive as the Skin Sonic (USD49.95 with 5 attachment heads) and the Olay Pro-X (USD34.99).

UPDATE: Based on a recent tweet by Simone, it looks like the Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool is priced at USD39 and replacement brushes available at USD9 each.  If this product pans out to be as impressive as some of their other products, expect this to be another bestseller!

Can't wait to see the reviews and thoughts on these new products as well as how much they're going to cost.  What do you think of these upcoming products?


  1. Oh my?! Cant wait till the brush will be release! Perfect for me to apply under eye concealer!

  2. Sabrina: I agree! I'm definitely going to get them when the set finally comes out. I already love the face versions, I'm pretty sure I'll love the eye versions as well. :)


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