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Sigma SigMax Brushes - Synthetic Face Kit

If you're familiar with the online beauty community, you would have probably heard the rave on the Sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush.  I've been wanting to get this brush for awhile now but put off purchasing one to try out after hearing they'll be coming out with a kit featuring that very brush as well as 2 new ones for that range of brushes.

Soon after the SigMax brushes were introduced on the website, I was sold and bought my own set with much excitement and anticipation.  At the moment, there aren't any brushes in the market that are quite like these brushes.  I've seen similar constructions but none yet with the same ability and bristle density so far.

A week or two later (trust international shipping to take awhile), I picked my package at the PosLaju counter.

Update: The SigMax Synthetic Face Kit is now known as the Synthetic Kabuki Kit which includes a brand new brush and retails for $56.  Read more about the new and improved collection in my post here.

I've been so excited to blog about these brushes since I've gotten them but wanted to at least try them out a bit first before doing so (that and the fact that I've been swamped lately).

What's In The Kit?
  1. F80 - Flat Top Kabuki ($16)
  2. F82 - Round Top Kabuki ($16)
  3. F84 - Angled Top Kabuki ($16)
My Thoughts?

I definitely understand the hype over these brushes.  I must say that I was blown away by the performance of the brushes in this set.  The general construction of the brush is pretty much the same as their other brushes with the wooden handle and metal ferrule with the number and name of the brush imprinted on the black handle.  The bristles however are synthetic but I don't think that they are Taklon fibres.  The fibres are soft and very densely packed.

I love how quickly I could apply and buff in my liquid and cream foundation with the F80 and it left no streak marks nor did it feel scratchy or uncomfortable on my skin.  The diameter of the bristle area is quite large and I assume that's what helps with a quick application.  The bristles are quite sturdy and doesn't have a lot of give to them which makes buffing product into skin a whole lot easier.  I used to always have a problem with my foundation slipping around my nose area but when I applied the product with this brush, it stays put.  I'm very impressed.

The F82 works beautifully on my powder products.  I haven't tried it with liquids or creams though.  So far I've used it with my MAC MSF and Benefit Hello Powder.  Beautiful!  I can't wait to try the F80 & F82 with my Bare Minerals foundation and compare the results with the brushes that came in the BM starter kit.

The F84 is probably my least use brush of the three just because I don't have much need for the brush in general.  I think it works great to apply and set concealer as you can use the tip of the angle to apply product to a specific area and because the bristles are very dense, you won't get brush marks that can be a pain to blend.  I don't normally use my fingers either when it comes to liquid and cream products because I keep leaving my fingerprints imprinted all over my face.  Haha.  It also applies (and blends) cream blushes beautifully.  I would recommend using a light hand when picking up product when you're using a pigmented or bright blush to avoid applying too much.

Update: I have found more use for the F84. It's a nice brush to have for foundation application as well.  Now I can say that I'm completely in love with all of these brushes and can't wait for the eye versions to be out too!

Now because these brushes are so dense, it takes a lot longer to completely dry after deep cleaning.  My other brushes usually dries overnight but these take overnight and half a day.  As far as shedding or bleeding, I haven't had a problem with it so far.

My Conclusion

These are in my opinion excellent quality brushes and work well to apply face products easily and quickly.  Make up will look flawless yet natural.  At $16 a piece, I think these brushes are a great addition to any brush collection.  If you're starting out with make up, I highly recommend the F80 or the F82.  If you have a little extra cash, you can get the kit at $14 a brush ($2 savings per brush).

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