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30 Day Challenge to 30 Post Challenge

Seeing that I've been incredibly overwhelmed lately, the 30 Day Challenge has been quite a daunting task for me to commit to.  Nonetheless, since I've already started with a few posts, I will continue to post my response to the daily topics albeit, at a different pace.  Instead of the 30 Day Challenge, I'll be making it into a 30 Posts Challenge in which I'll no longer be doing it on a daily basis but rather as a regular post (as regular as I can) in the same sequence.

So for Post #8: A photo that makes you laugh, I honestly really don't have a photo that makes me laugh so unfortunately in this post, I have nothing to share.

Anyways, if you're interested, feel free to do this challenge (whether it be the 30 Day Challenge or 30 Posts Challenge) on you blog too.  I'm doing the same concept on my personal blog as well due to my busy schedule and time limitations.

Much Love,

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