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Day 2: Your Favorite Bag That You Own

Since I wasn't able to post my Day 2 entry late yesterday due to utter exhaustion, looks like I'll be ending this challenge on Dec 1st instead of Nov 30th.

So here's my current fave bags that I own:

Nine West Black Mixed Faux Leather Satchel

Would you believe I got this baby for only RM150?  I love it!  And it matches my wallet too (the faux croc part).  It's made of a mix of faux cow leather, faux suede and faux croc stitched together in a sort of random triangle pattern/design and has a few metal stud details and a metal ring to connect the straps to the bag.  The straps are pretty unique too with a sort of double strap design and little buckle details.  The bag has a zipper enclosure with 2 smaller pockets on one side inside and a zippered compartment on the other.  It also comes with a bag tag which I haven't actually used yet.

Being me, I just can't decide on ONE thing for a post.  So above is another bag that I own and absolutely love.  My fave luggage bag every, EVER!  Haha.  I've had this bag for a very long time and was actually bought at Watsons (believe it or not) because while on a trip to KL with my mum we bought too much stuff than our bags could handle and needed to get an extra bag pronto.  We came to see this bag at Watsons and bought it on a whim since it pretty much fit our needs at the time.  It didn't look too bad either, very simple design with expandable zippers that allowed it to fit even more stuff (maybe another 20-30% more).  So technically this was my mum's bag but she probably only used it a few times before I took over.  Haha.  She didn't mind since she knew how much I loved it.  It has gone travelling with me countless times and is just perfect for my needs.  Best part is, in it's normal form/size, I can bring it into the plane cabin as a hand carry bag too.  When it's expanded though I have to check it in.  I love that it's 7kg (or less) unexpanded and loaded with my stuff and is about 15kg (more or less) expanded.  It's just perfect.

So what bags that you own that you absolutely love?

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