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Day 6: Anything Hello Kitty

I'd never thought I'd be writing a post that is Hello Kitty related, ever.  I'm not much of a Hello Kitty fan and totally don't get this kitty phenomenon going around.  In fact, I never caught the Hello Kitty bug even when I was a little girl.  There are loads of Hello Kitty merchandise out there and even brands like MAC and Baby Phat has had it's share of collaborations with this famous Japanese cat.

Before I get any hate on not loving Hello Kitty, let me make it clear that I may not be a fan but I don't completely dislike the character either.  I'm just neutral I guess.  This little kitty has fans ranging from Dakota Fanning, Miranda Cosgrove to Kimora Lee Simmons-Honsou and her daughters.

I really do wish that I have more to say about Hello Kitty but I'm just oblivious to the craze.

Are you a Hello Kitty fan?  What types of merchandise do you love?

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