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New Product: SigMax Collection adds new Precision brushes and Tapered Kabuki

After learning that Sigma was working on mini versions of their amazing synthetic HD brushes, SigMax, in May (read previous post), I'm extremely excited that it is finally available for purchase on the Sigma website now.

Synthetic Kabuki Kit (US$56)
A US$64 value, you save US$8.
Individual brushes available at US$16 each.

Photo source: SigmaBeauty.com

The original face kit has been updated to include the brand new F86 Tapered Kabuki brush.  The new tapered design is perfect for application of face products in hard to reach areas such as around the nose and under the eyes and is a great tool for contouring and highlighting as well.  Read more on the F80, F82 and F84 brushes in my previous post here.

Synthetic Precision Kit (US$49)
A US$56 value, you save US$7.
Individual brushes available at US$14 each.

Photo source: SigmaBeauty.com

If you want extra precision in your make up application, then this set of mini versions of the Kabuki Kit is for you.

  • P80 Precision Flat - Ideal for concealing blemishes, sun spots and other small imperfections especially on flat areas of the face.  Just stipple concealer or a full coverage foundation where you need it and set it with powder.
  • P82 Precision Round - Developed as the "finger" brush, this brush was designed to mimic your fingertips when applying product such as eye shadow primer and under eye concealer.  The brush works nicely for precise highlight application on the bridge of the nose, cupids bow and cheekbones.
  • P84 Precision Angled - Perfect for precise contouring of the sides of the nose as well as the hollows of your cheeks creating very defined results.  It is also great for highlighting the browbone and cheek to temple areas.
  • P86 Precision Tapered - The tapered shape and small size of this brush allows for easy application of concealer in the under eye area, around the nose and around the mouth for extra definition and prevent lip color bleeding.

A value of US$120, you save US$21.

Photo source: SigmaBeauty.com

If you're new to the collection and are interested in getting all the above brushes, consider getting the Synthetic Essential Kit which contains all 4 kabuki brushes and 4 precision brushes at an additional US$6 savings.

Coupon Code: MAX2011
(Expires 31 October 2011)

I've just placed an order for the Precision Kit and F86.  Can't wait for them to arrive to try them out and share my thoughts on them!

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