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New Product: Sigma Performance Kit

Sigma has come out with a brand new product today and it's the Performance kit.  The latest kit comprises of 8 brand new brushes specifically designed for precise eye product application.

If you enjoy eye make up detailing and more control over product application, this might just be the kit for you!  These brushes have a smaller tip and would be great for those with smaller eye areas.

The Performance kit is priced at US$55 and is eligible for a free gift with purchase.  The 10% off discount code is available in this blog's sidebar.

All 8 brushes are newly developed and is making its debut in this collection.  At the moment, these brushes are not sold individually.  Sigma has not yet indicated if these will be available as individual brushes in future.

The 8 new eye brushes are:

  • E11 Eye Liner - Precise eye lining of the upper and lower lash lines. Works well for creating detailed and elaborate designs too.
  • E16 Tight Liner - Applies cream, gel and powder products to the tight line.
  • E17 Water Liner - Applies cream, gel and powder products to the water line.
  • E21 Smudge - Small brush for smudging and softening harsh lines in the upper and lower lash line. Can also be used to apply product in the inner corners.
  • E36 Blending - Blends product in small areas of the eye such as the inner corners.  Helps diffuse and enhance the outer corners as well.
  • E46 Inner Corner Shader - Applies product to the inner corner to highlight and brighten up the eyes.
  • E47 Crease Shader - Applies and blends products in the crease and outer corners.
  • E56 Lid Shader - Designed to apply pressed and loose eye products precisely on to lids.


I find this set of brushes to be quite unique and interesting.  These brushes were designed to be able to give a more precise application of products and are a lot smaller than Sigma's other line ups.  I've seen similar brushes on Coastal Scents (detailers) but those come in limited variations at the moment.

As far as my thoughts are on product application with these types of brushes, I would imagine them to be easy and pleasant to use based on my experience with Sigma brushes and I feel that due to the size of the brush tips, these are well suited for asian eyes and monolids.

I feel that I might like the E11 better than the E10 though as it looks like the bristles would be stiffer similar to the E05 concept.  Since the E11 has a smaller tip than the E05, it will enable easier drawing of a thinner line on both the upper and lower lash line.  If you're into drawing designs on your face, this brush should do the trick.

The brush that I'm probably most excited about in this kit is the E47 because I've been looking for a small crease brush that would work better with my small eye area.  Almost all crease brushes currently in the market are a little too big for me and requires a lighter hand for application to achieve the results I want.  I find that those bigger crease brushes tend to blend more than apply.  The other shader brushes introduced in this kit (E46 and E56) are ones that are nice to have but not entirely a must have unless you're using a lot of color on your lids and require very precise application of each color to avoid that muddy look.

At the moment I'm not quite sold on the E16 and E17 brushes to tight and water line eyes.  I still find it easier to do so with a pencil liner but then again, I don't do either that often anyways.

As for the E21 (Smudge) and E36 (Blending) brushes, I think these are again great for smaller eye spaces.  As mentioned above, the E21 can also be used in place of the E46 to place color in the inner corners.


Mind you that I've not yet received my set as the product has only just launched and I've just placed my order.  I'll update more on the product with a review and more photos once I receive them and had a chance to try them out.

This kit is suitable for:
  • those with smaller eye space (asian eyes, monolids)
  • advance make up users/ make up artists
  • those looking into expanding their brush collection (brush junkies)

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