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MAC To The Beach Collection

The MAC To The Beach collection was one of the most hyped about collections so far and the speed at which items from the collection sold out lay testament to this.  The collection had already launched much earlier (by a week or two) in the US and elsewhere.  In fact I believe it launched earlier in KL than it did in KK.  The collection took off here a couple of days ago (Thursday) and when I got there yesterday (Friday) after having known it to have arrived (finally!) a lot of the items were already sold out or selling out fast.

Here's what I managed to grab:

MAC To The Beach Collection

Powder Blush in Hipness (RM75)

Now the first thing that really caught my eye was the blush.  I never really needed blushes before this simply because I've got naturally flushed cheeks and the weather here kinda helps with that as well.  Anyhow, blushes are gorgeous to wear over foundation so on days where I do use my foundation, I love applying blushes.  Now Hipness is a beautiful peachy pink shade with a slight shimmer in it.  The texture is soft and the blush doesn't appear chalky which is great!  Although pigmented, the blush applies sheer but is definitely buildable.  If you're of medium (or light/medium) skin tone like me, this gives such a beautiful flush and glow to your cheeks.

Eye Shadow in Shimmermoss (RM58)

I believe this shade is also available in the permanent collection but it doesn't really matter to me.  Plus, this came in a limited edition case which is cute with the shell outline printed on the lid.  Anyways, I absolutely love the colour and finish of the product.  It's such a gorgeous turquoise with a beautiful pearly finish that I was having a hard time stopping myself from purchasing.  Haha.  It is a veluxe pearl shadow and the texture is soft and silky and is pretty easy to blend with good pigmentation to boot.

Glaze Lipstick in Beachbound (RM63)

I generally steer clear of lipsticks that cost this much.  Honestly, I like getting drugstore lipsticks by Maybelline and Revlon.  However, I found this to be an exception.  It has such a unique golden peach colour and since it's a glaze works great on top of lip liners or matte lipsticks.  It gives enough shine minus the 'plump'.  I have pretty full lips and although I do buy glosses, I only apply those to my bottom lips to avoid looking too 'bee stung'.  Like I was saying, this glaze was just the thing I needed to add to my (ever growing) collection.  The peachy gold shade is so versatile and blends with a lot of other colours to create beautiful looks.  For me, the texture is smooth and doesn't settle into lines.

Lip Pencil in Temperature Rising (RM63)

Another rare find in my opinion is this orange lip pencil.  It's a super bright and fiery yet creamy orange lip pencil with a matte finish.  Colour pigmentation is amazing and it sticks on pretty well.  A daunting purchase but I figured it would like absolutely gorgeous with a mauve or pink lipstick.  When applied under pink it creates a beautiful coral shade.  I think this is a colour that has potential and will need some experimentation.  This is not a must buy item but it was such a rare colour find that I was tempted to try it out.

Nail Lacquer in Scorcher (RM42)

I haven't been using nail polish in a long time.  I recently bought a couple of Elianto ones but it didn't quite work out for me.  Anyways that's another story.  In line with the collection and season, this bright coral shade is gorgeous!  I saw it on Elle Fowler's (allthatglitters21) recent haul video and she absolutely loved the formulation of this nail polish.  So I decided to try out the tester at the store and was impressed.  And usually testers feel worse than the actual product so I figured, if the tester was this good, I'd definitely like the actual product.  Surely enough, I was not disappointed.  I normally don't wear such a bright shade but I thought this would be a nice colour to try out.  Something a little different than my norm.  The formulation is light (love!) and applies smooth.  I like that it doesn't feel like you're wearing polish (you know what I mean).  The picture above is only 2 applications without top coat.

I wanted to get the 130 brush but the MAC store here were only sent 3 and they were snapped up like hot cakes.  Even the in-store MUAs didn't get a chance to get one for themselves.  It was definitely one of the things that I wanted to get from them since it isn't in the permanent collection (and should be).  It's still available on the MAC website though but I don't think they ship to Malaysia and shipping here will have it costing a lot.  I might decide to get something similar, the Sigma SS197 (or F80 with the new numbering system).

UPDATE: Managed to pick up the 130 brush on my trip to London in June! *smiles*

And I didn't get any of the bronzers (cream and powder) because I have enough for me at the moment.  I swatched the Golden and Refined Gold bronzing powders as well and it just wasn't my thing.  As was with all other stores, Marine Life was also sold out before I got there.  But I think I regretted not getting the Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach from the Spring Forecast Collection when I had the chance compared to this one.

What are your thoughts on the collection?  Comment and let me know yea.

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