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Zombie Makeup for Halloween

Yes.  I know this post is a bit late.  But here I just wanted to share with everyone the simple zombie makeup I did on my lil brother.  We were out at 1B mall that day and dropped by the MAC counter there.  He got stitches drawn on his cheek (just a tiny length).  He loved the crazy makeup the MUAs at the store had and asked me to help him with it.

His skintone is darker than mine, so I used my own powder and it was perfect (although it wouldn't hurt to make him a bit lighter for this look).  Next I started with the eyes.  Didn't put on primer since it was only gonna be on for no longer than half an hour.  Started with a deep red/rust colour on the lids, crease, and blended it into the brow bone (and under the eye and lower lash line) then added a layer of black eyeshadow on top concentrating on the lids and lined the lower lash line with it.

For the lips I used Maybelline's WaterShine in Hazelnut Sauce to match the shade of his face so it looked more pale.  For the stitches, first I used a black pencil eyeliner to draw the lines.  Then layered on a bit of pink, plum and dark purple for a bruised look.

He loved it and I had fun playing with my 120 eyeshadow palette as well.

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