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Polly Dolly: Red Carpet Recreation

Week 48 - Red Carpet Recreation

I'm feeling a little under-inspired for this week's challenge but decided to give it a go anyway.  I loved the bold color brought out by Jennifer Hudson in this tangerine orange Versace dress at the 2011 Oscars Red Carpet recently.

The dress I picked out has the same shade of orange but with an asymmetrical shoulder, criss cross bodice draping and a flowy skirt.  I think the dress I chose has more of a Grecian feel to it compared to the more modern halter neck design Jennifer has on.

Since the dress is so bold, I decided on a very minimalist approach and went for some simple diamond stud earrings, multiple bangles of varying designs and sparkly peep toes and clutch.

The make up is also very elegant classy (a la Penelope Cruz) and the scent is sexy and romantic.


  1. What a lovely burnt orange dress! I adore that color, but I see so much around that is just... garish.

    To be honest, this outfit is much better than that breast revealing number!

    I want those bangles!

  2. Yea. I loved the color too. That's what made me decide to choose this to draw inspiration from for this challenge. The thing with a dress this color is to keep the design simple and minimal accessories because the dress is such a bold statement piece in itself.

    I am in love with the bangles too. Those are actually 3 separate pieces I've put together in the collage.

    Thanks for commenting dear. :)


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