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Tutorial: Wearable Peacock

I'm super excited at the moment.  This is a totally new venture for me and I'm really happy to present to you my very first video look tutorial!

This is also my first proper video contest entry since my "first" one wasn't actually a tutorial but rather a last minute less than a second slideshow of a look.  Haha.  This was made as a contest entry for the Sigma Animal Inspired Contest on their YouTube channel.

As you can see, the look was inspired by the beautiful colors of the peacock.  So in this look I've incorporated the vibrant persian and dark blue of the body, turquoise in the eyes of the fanned out feathers, the greens in the tail as well as a slight copperish tone and pale yellow also from the tail and the eyes of the feathers.

I can't wait to have more tutorials like this up on my channel as I improve my video capturing and editing in the future.  This was just a lot of fun! *smiles*

For the video, I decided to go for voiceovers because it was the best way for me to avoid rambling and keeping the video under 10mins.  Haha.

Let me know what you think in the YouTube comments or simply comment on this post.  I'll be updating soon with more photos of the products I used as well as step by step info.

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