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Polly Dolly: Little Black Dress (Week 52)

I've been missing a few of these challenges (which I would probably be doing and will be shown on my Polyvore page here) but here's the latest one with the theme "Little Black Dress" for the Week 52 Challenge:

Instead of going for a more classic look, I figured why not add a neon pop to the outfit?  Since spring is all about color blocking this year, I opted for neon green patent pumps and a 3 tone neon yellow top bag.  For a bit more contrast, I picked out a gorgeous dangling gradient toned crystal earring piece and a complementing cluster ring paired with a simple black & gold watch.

The make up is understated with a soft blush and highlight, voluminous lashes, a tint of peach on the lips and electric blue rimming the lower lashes (black on the upper lash line).  To complete the look, I decided on a nude beige nail polish.

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