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eyes lips face (e.l.f.) Cosmetics

Honestly, I can't remember when I was introduced to elf Cosmetics but I believe it was around the time they had launched their Studio range of products 2 years ago.  elf (or eyes lips face) is a brand well known for their insanely inexpensive products.  They've grown immensely from offering their Essentials line of $1 make up when they started in 2004 to now having Studio, Minerals and Bath & Body lines as well.  elf doesn't test on animals and sell only cruelty free make up.

Product Lines

Essentials- Basic make up products and tools at an average price of $1 each.  
Studio- elf's higher quality make up products and tools range at an average price of $3 each. 
Minerals- 100% mineral products without parabens, chemical dyes and preservatives for the nature conscious beauty at an average price of $3 each. 
Bath & Body- Offers spa range of cleansers and moisturizers at an average price of $4 each.

My Thoughts

I've purchased several eyeshadow quads from their Essential line and so far for me they do stay on well and do not crease at all.  The colors do tend to fade a little towards the end of the day though.  Their brushes are also inconsistently manufactured so you might buy several of the same brushes and they won't necessarily look identical.  But with their prices, there's not much to complain about.  I mean $1?  The packaging feels cheap and lid hinges are prone to break if you're not too careful.  Did I mention I love their fake lashes too?  Plus, at a dollar each, these make excellent product options for make up newbies as well as stocking stuffers for the holidays.

Personally, I love their Studio line.  The packaging is a lot sturdier than their basic Essentials line and product quality is higher too.  I did notice that the packaging for some of their products are quite similar to that sold by Forever 21 Beauty which isn't surprising at all and honestly not a huge problem.  The make of their brushes for the Studio line I find to be a bit more consistent with only a slightly higher bristle density in my second brush.  I definitely wish some of their brushes were a bit more dense (e.g. Complexion & Fan Brush).

I'm not a big minerals make up person since most mineral make up are in loose powder form and doesn't sit well with my clumsiness.  However, I've made a couple of purchases from their Minerals range and I definitely think the Mineral Eyeshadow Primer is a good alternative to higher end primers like UDPP and TFSI.  I've also heard good things about their mineral lipsticks and have placed an order to try out some (stay tuned for swatches).  Their mineral make up is paraben-, preservative- and chemical dye-free and claims to be 100% all natural ingredients.

Unfortunately, I can't comment much on their Bath & Body products as I've no personal experience with them.

Top Picks

Here are my picks for this brand:

Photos from elf's website

Things To Note

Besides pre-made kits, elf is always having promotions and coming up with coupon codes.  To stay informed on the latest promos, new products and coupon/discount codes, I definitely suggest signing up for their newsletter/mailing list (or follow them on Twitter).  Fair warning though, you'll probably receive an email from them on a weekly basis (sometimes several times a week) and their email subject headers could be misleading to what the contents of the email actually are (i.e. "Congratulations", "We Missed You", etc.) and be aware that when they state product/kit/set value, they are referring to prices of comparable products from other brands and not their own.  For instance, when they say that a set of 10 mineral eyeshadows sold at $30 but is valued at $130, what they mean is that you can buy 10 of their mineral eyeshadows priced at $3 each ($3 x 10 = $30) as opposed to Bare Escentuals eyeshadows priced at $13 each ($13 x 10 = $130).  Another thing  to keep in mind is that not all of their online stores are equal.  I've only ever bought from their US website so I can't vouch on the others.

Connecting With ELF

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