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MAC Peacocky Collection

The MAC Peacocky Collection reached our shores just recently (last Thursday here in KK to be exact) and as expected, a lot of items were sold out without a couple of days.  Fortunately I managed to pick up some of the items from my wishlist:

I'd originally wanted Noir Plum (rich metallic royal purple), Odalisque (vibrant turqoise-teal) and Tweet Me (light orange tinged gold) but instead swapped Noir Plum for Paparazz-She (darkened metallic brownish bronze).  While swatching the in-store testers, I found that Noir Plum required a few more layers to achieve the color intensity I'd like and I also felt that the texture of the eyeshadow itself to be less smooth and creamy than I expected.  The other eyeshadows were very buttery smooth an incredibly pigmented.

I love shades like Odalisque for it's peacock/mermaid feel.  I find the color to be simply gorgeous and honestly was the first one that caught my attention from the preview swatches going around on the net.  I don't personally own anything quite like it in my collection.  The closest I could get is MAC's Shimmermoss (permanent) and even that was a little more sea green and so much more of a sheerer, lighter shade than Odalisque.  When compared to Urban Decay's Painkiller, I found Painkiller to be much more of a mid tone blue.

The unexpected purchase here would definitely be Paparazz-She.  Despite my decent collection of warm and earthy shades, this copper bronze looked amazing swatched it was difficult to pass up.  When I saw it online, I thought it would be comparable to Urban Decay's Half Baked but in real life, it's no where near that.  Half Baked is a more similar shade to MAC's Amber Lights.  I loved how smoothly it applied and blended and the fact that it's an extremely wearable color.  I think this will have to be one of those shades that is suited for almost every skin tone.  When compared, it is a tad darker than theBalm's Mischievous Marissa but gives off a similar sheen.

When planning out my wishlist for this collection, I contemplated whether to add Tweet Me to the list or to pass.  I'm glad I didn't pass on it because it truly is a beautiful shade.  In fact, using just this shade and Paparazz-She alone would make for a gorgeous and simple eye make up combo.  It's a lot more gold compared to theBalm's Mischievous Marissa which is more on the brown side.

And here are the swatches:

I made another swap on one of the Kissable Lipcolors that I'd set out to pick up.  After standing and swatching for awhile in front of the tester display, I decided that Flaunting It (a dark berry plum) was for one thing not the kind of shade I normally would want to wear and secondly felt that I didn't like the color on my lips.  So instead I ended up with So Vain (light coral pink with beige undertones), Scandelicious (bright mid tone fuschia berry pink) and Strut Your Stuff (vibrant red).

All the colors are incredibly intense and the product texture is rather thick compared to a lip gloss or MAC's Lipglasses.  I think the only way to describe it is liquid lipstick.  I personally love liquid lipsticks because they offer great pigmentation, aren't sticky like some glosses can be and are usually more moisturizing than regular lipstick formulas.

For me, So Vain is definitely the perfect neutral lip shade.  Although Enchantee (a light blue based pink) and Woo Me (a light neutral beige) looked amazing swatched, I don't think they are flattering shades if you have pigmented lips to begin with.  Of course you could neutralize your natural lip color with a lip concealer or simply dabbing some foundation prior but I just feel the extra effort isn't justified.

I was super excited to see how bright this pink was.  The blue and purple micro-shimmer gives an interesting effect to the color as well.  It's not too dark a color as Flaunting It is and not too light either.  I personally don't own a lot of berry shades and am happy to have this to add to my collection.  I wonder if the blue base will help brighten teeth as well.

My only red lip product is the Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Sangria Red and even that is more of a pinkish red (although perfect for me).  After swatching, I knew I just had to have this shade and fortunately for me I managed to snag the last piece.  This is an intense fiery red color that would look amazing paired with just some eyeliner, mascara and some highlights.  I imagine this to be beautiful on just about anyone really whether you're fair skinned or a more deeper skin tone.  The shade is quite similar to MAC's Lipglass in Russian Red except the product texture is very different.  Russian Red is not as thick and bleeds when swatched.  The opacity is also slightly less potent than Strut Your Stuff.

And here are the lipcolor swatches:

I wished I'd asked to put Dalliance on hold which is a silvery gold eyeshadow with a gorgeous metallic finish.  By the time I visited the MAC store, it was already sold out.  Also, I'll try to put up actual lip swatches soon to let you see the product in action.

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