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Lip Swatches for MAC's Kissable Me Lipcolours (Peacocky Collection)

As promised, here are the lip swatches of the Kissable Lipcolours I purchased from the MAC Peacocky Collection.

Shade: Strut Your Stuff

Now that I've done lip swatches, I can say this for certain, I love love love this color!  This super bright red totally pops and you can wear it alone without much make up.  Unlike MAC's other lip products, this didn't smell of vanilla but had more of a cookie scent to it.

Shade: Scandelicious

On my lips this looks a lot more of a raspberry shade and don't you just love the color pay off?  It applies so opaque and may not be as bright as Strut Your Stuff but it just complements my complexion so well.

Shade: So Vain

This is definitely the lightest shade from the collection that I'd feel comfortable wearing.  It's not too light that it would wash me out but it's also almost a nude color for me.  Very subtle and works well on me.  I did however find the consistency of So Vain to be not as thick as the other two shades which showed some minute evidence of streaking.  But I suppose that's normal for lighter colored lippies.  Not a big deal there cos it does show up pretty well and isn't overpowered by my lips natural color.

It does take a bit of effort to wipe it off completely so I would assume the wear won't be as short as regular lip glosses.  For the more intense shades, the color was still visibly staining my lips even after blotting with a tissue paper.  It didn't feel heavy or sticky on my lips either.  If I hadn't been sitting in front of a mirror, I probably would have forgotten I had them on.  It's very comfortable and unlike regular lipsticks, I don't expect to see any flaking either which is wonderful.  Lips definitely felt moisturized.

Hope that helped.  See you in the next post.

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